Visual Thinking Sketchnoting for Business Leaders 2023

Learning the Tool of Visual Note-Taking to maximize Efficiency and Impact in Meetings, Workshops, and Presentations.
Visual Thinking Sketchnoting for Business Leaders 2023
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Matthias Breuel


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Visual Thinking Sketchnoting for Business Leaders 2023

What you’ll learn

Learn to use the visual thinking tool Sketchnotes in your daily work
Learn over 62 Sketchnote skills
Improve your effective communication for design thinking, meetings, workshops, agile events and coaching.
Draw the Design Thinking process (and others)
Learn fast & time-saving – within 1 hour

Visual Thinking Sketchnoting for Business Leaders 2023


Paper + pen (e.g. ballpoint pen/fineliner + highlighter)
No drawing knowledge necessary!


“In simplicity lies the greatest accomplishment.” – Leonardo DaVinciElevate Your Communication Through Sketchnoting!In just one hour, master the art of sketchnoting. Harness the power of visual thinking to enhance your meetings, design workshops, agile events, and more. Whether you’re a novice or seeking to refine your skills, this course will empower you to bring ideas to life.Course Highlights:- Learn over 62 sketchnoting skills.- Capture ideas efficiently using fast sketching techniques.- Practical exercises to solidify your skills.- A personal completion certificate and an e-book to further expand your abilities.What Will You Learn?- The art of visual thinking for daily use.- Quick sketchnoting techniques.- Graphic recording practices with live examples.- Essential tools, from containers to layouts and more.Who’s This For?- If you seek impactful communication in minimal time.- If you love presenting essential points simply and clearly.- If you’re new to sketchnoting or aim to refine your skills.Not Suitable If:- You’re already a sketchnoting expert.- Your goal is photo-realistic drawing and painting.What Do You Need?- Basic: Paper and pen.- Advanced: A digital tablet with a stylus (e.g., iPad, Surface).- No prior drawing experience necessary!Application of Sketchnoting:Elevate your business and educational presentations by:- Visualizing agile work stories or retros.- Enhancing project management analyses.- Sketching design thinking prototypes and processes.- Illustrating school and training content.Bonus: Interested in digital sketchnoting? Check out our course: “The Best Digital Sketchnoting Apps & Tools” (currently in German).Join now and revolutionize the way you communicate. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ve nothing to lose!If you resonate with terms like visual thinking, sketchnoting, simple doodling, and visual communication, this course is crafted just for you.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Trailer to Business Sketchnotes

Lecture 2 How can you use Sketchnotes?

Lecture 3 What you need for the course

Lecture 4 Action: Get your practice Script

Section 2: How to present & structure information

Lecture 5 How to learn easy

Lecture 6 Milestone 1 – containers

Lecture 7 Practice exercise 1 – containers

Section 3: How to illustrate processes with arrows

Lecture 8 Milestone 2 – processes

Lecture 9 Practice exercise 2 – processes

Section 4: How to always have the right layout at hand

Lecture 10 Milestone 3 – structure

Lecture 11 Practice exercise 3 – stucture

Section 5: How to highlight what is important

Lecture 12 Milestone 4 – highlights

Lecture 13 Practice exercise 4 – highlights

Section 6: How to illustrate what is said and what is thought

Lecture 14 Milestone 5 – speech

Lecture 15 Practice exercise 5 – speech

Section 7: How to let people interact

Lecture 16 Milestone 6 – people

Lecture 17 Practice exercise 6 – people

Section 8: How to illustrate abstract terms and complex situations

Lecture 18 Milestone 7 – symbols & metaphors

Lecture 19 Practice exercise 7 – symbols & metaphors

Section 9: Final Assessment – Are you able to sketch the Design Thinking process?

Lecture 20 Assessment – prove yourself to sketchnote the Design Thinking Process

Lecture 21 Assessment – congratulation and how to build your own sketchnoting library

Lecture 22 Assessment – example solution

Section 10: Summary and Good bye! And of course, how did the story end…

Lecture 23 Congratulations, good bye and how to move on…

Section 11: Next steps to take

Lecture 24 Bonus Lecture

Product Manager / Product Owner,Design thinking team members for emathize, ideate, prototyping and testing,Moderators, who want to guide through their processes more clearly,Executives who want to make information, requirements or ideas easier to understand and the team to follow the vision,Leaders,Scrum Masters and Team Facilitators,Team members,Project Manager,People who like to structure ideas, facts or situations,Teachers,Coaches

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 15m | 504.10 MB
Created by: Matthias Breuel

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