VMWare for Absolute Beginners

The best beginner’s course on VMWare ESXi virtualization
VMWare for Absolute Beginners
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Imran Afzal


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VMWare for Absolute Beginners

What you’ll learn

Virtualization fundamentals
Gain a working knowledge of virtualization terminology
Download and install VMWare Workstation Player
How to install setup VMWare vSphere environment
How to install ESXi hypervisor in nested environment
Install Operating System on a VM

VMWare for Absolute Beginners


A computer where you can install VMWare Workstation Player
At least 8G of RAM
At least 100G of free disk space


Now a days every organization IT infrastructure runs mostly on virtualization and most specifically on VMWare.  In this course you will learn all the basics of VMWare.  I will teach you how to setup your lab, install ESXi hypervisor, setup vSphere environment and create virtual machines on VMWare vSphere.  Here is what we will learn in this course:Section 1: IntroductionCourse introductionCourse overviewSection 2: Virtualization FundamentalsWhat is VirtualizationVirtualization TerminologyBenefits of VirtualizationDifference between Virtualization & CloudImportance of VirtualizationWelcome to VMWareVMWare ProductsSection 3:  Lab SetupDesigning Lab and PrerequisitesVMWare Workstation Player Download and InstallESXi Software DownloadCreating New VM on VMWare PlayerESXi Installation and ConfigurationSection 4: ESXi vSphere Environment ManagementvSphere ESXi AccessSSH Access to ESXi ServerCreate First VM on vSphereInstall OS on the VM==========================================================================================Testimonials from my students:Hello Imran Afzal Sir,Thank you for your valuable course. I got a job offer after completion of this course. Thanks againRegards,– Kshitji DeshmukhHi Imran,Finally, after turning down 4 offers, I have joined UST Gloabl as an Engineer A3.  I’ve taken your course “Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job” due to which I was able to answer almost all the Linux-based interview questions.  Thank you once again for making this wonderful course.Regards, — MD Shah AlamHi Imran,Thank you so much for the wonderful course.  It was so clear and precise as a beginner I went through your course and cleared the Linux administrator interview now i got selected.  I am so happy and thanks once again.  I am also now preparing for the Redhat Certification.Thanks you once again, I was a complete beginner after going through your course I was able to understand all the topics now I am a Linux AdminThanks — Adrian JosephDear Mr. Imran Afzal,Thanks you I pass today CompTIA Linux+ ExamBest Regards — Ebadi EliaImran, I just wanted to report that I have found my first Linux job.  I am working as a Linux Systems Administrator with IBM and you played a big part in educating me in order to obtain this position.  Thanks for such a thorough course!  I am looking forward to enrolling in your bash scripting coruse soon.– Joel Stroback==========================================================================================


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Section 2: Virtualization Fundamentals

Lecture 3 What is Virtualization?

Lecture 4 Virtualization Terminology

Lecture 5 Benefits of Virtualization

Lecture 6 Importance of Virtualization

Lecture 7 Welcome to VMWare

Lecture 8 VMWare Products

Section 3: Lab Setup

Lecture 9 Designing Lab and Prerequisites

Lecture 10 VMWare Workstation Player Download and Install

Lecture 11 ESXi Software Download

Lecture 12 Creating New VM on VMWare Player

Lecture 13 ESXi Installation and Configuration

Section 4: ESXi vSphere Environment Management

Lecture 14 vSphere ESXi Access

Lecture 15 SSH Access to ESXi Server

Lecture 16 Create First VM on vSphere

Lecture 17 Install OS on the VM

Students who wants to learn virtualization from scratch,People who are new to IT,System administrators and engineers,Network and Database administrator

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Udemy | English | 1h 56m | 575.21 MB
Created by: Imran Afzal

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