VMware vSphere Fundamentals

Get started with VMware vSphere and learn the fundamentals
VMware vSphere Fundamentals
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VMware vSphere Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

Learn to build a lab environment with a mini PC
Working with ESXi and vCenter Server
Installing a control center VM
Using the HTML5 client and the web client
Performing a cloning operation and using templates
much more!

VMware vSphere Fundamentals


No previous experience with VMR products necessary
intermediate experience working with computers; including installing operating systems and software


VMware vSphere is an industry-leading virtualization platform.In this course you’ll learn the information necessary to create a full vSphere lab environment, running on a Gigabyte BRIX Mini-PC. After the initial lab creation, using Image Builder and PowerCLI, you’ll learn the basics of how the vSphere components work. We’ll then go through the configuration of networking and storage, including VSAN.  We’ll go through creating a virtual machine and using templates and clones, and then we’ll cover using vMotion and Snapshots. After the completion of this course, you’ll have a running VMware vSphere environment for use for exam prep, or to improve your knowledge and experience with vSphere.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Virtual machines

Section 2: vSphere Environment

Lecture 3 Create lab environment

Lecture 4 Software download

Lecture 5 Create a custom ESXi image

Lecture 6 Install ESXi

Lecture 7 Install a Control Center VM

Lecture 8 Install the ESXi hosts and vCenter Server

Section 3: ESXi and vCenter

Lecture 9 Using the HTML5 client

Lecture 10 Web client

Lecture 11 Add a ESXi host and use Remote Console

Lecture 12 Maintenance operations

Section 4: Networking and Storage

Lecture 13 vSphere networking

Lecture 14 vSphere storage

Section 5: Virtual Machine Management

Lecture 15 Deploying virtual machine from OVA

Lecture 16 Cloning operation and using templates

Lecture 17 Perform a vMotion migration

Lecture 18 Using Snapshots

Anyone wanting to learn vSphere and the latest updates

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 39m | 2.84 GB
Created by: Stackable Solutions

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