Voice Training for a Confident and Powerful Voice

A Complete Voice Training Program with Simple Vocal Exercises that can Instantly Transform Your Voice!
Voice Training for a Confident and Powerful Voice
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Voice Training for a Confident and Powerful Voice

What you’ll learn

Learn specific exercises to help create a rich and powerful sound.
How to command and capture the attention of any audience, large or small.
How to take control of your voice and know that it will always be there for you.
How to emotionally connect to your voice and deliver powerful speeches through any medium.
How to increase the range of your voice resulting in a more engaging resonance.
How to attain vocal endurance, resulting in the ability to speak for longer periods of time.

Voice Training for a Confident and Powerful Voice


The comitment to put the exercises and techniques I will be providing into practice.


Do you hate the sound of your voice? Do you get the feeling that others tune out or even cringe at the sound of your voice, making you feel less and less confident? Do you wish you had a powerful rich voice that can command a room at work, home, on videos or in any social situation? Do you get intimidated by great speakers and get the feeling that what they have is unattainable? I’m here to tell you that IT IS VERY ATTAINABLE! You just have to know where to look. Well, your search is over.Hi, I’m Gabriel Burrafato from GB Voice Academy.  I’m an award winning, Broadway credited voice coach and professional voice actor based out of Los Angeles. I have over 20 years of performing and voice training experience and have studied with the best of the best in the industry. I have coached Presidents, CEOs, Attorneys, Doctors, Consultants, A-List Actors, and many others to stimulate confidence and unlock the true power of their voice.What sets me apart from others? Unlike other voice coaches that regurgitate the same jargon over and over, my Voice Training for a Confident and Powerful Voice course is designed to give you the EDGE on your speaking skills. I will be teaching you the exact skills and techniques professional stage actors use to command an audience. Ever wonder how stage actors can grab the attention of an audience for 2 hours a day, 8 shows a week, with such articulation and power, WITHOUT LOOSING THER VOICE?! That takes a specific set of skills that I will be sharing with you here. We will unveil the secrets of what makes great speakers great! Together we will UNLOCK THE TRUE  POWER OF YOUR VOICE AND BE HEARD!


Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 1: BREATH

Lecture 2 Mastering the Breath

Lecture 3 Redirecting the Breath

Lecture 4 Activity: Hissing

Lecture 5 Activity: Hissing 2.0

Lecture 6 Activity: Breathe through Emotions


Lecture 7 Linking the Diaphragm to the Voice

Lecture 8 Drop That Sound!

Lecture 9 Activity: Hopping to a Grounded Beat

Lecture 10 Activity: ZZZ Vocal Exercise

Lecture 11 Activity: Lip TRILLS Vocal Exercise

Lecture 12 Activity: A E I O U Vocal Exercise

Lecture 13 Activity: Stacato Diaphragm Vocal Exercise A E I O U

Lecture 14 Activity: Volume Control Exercise


Lecture 15 Enunciate, Enunciate, Enunciate!

Lecture 16 Activity: Consonant Vocal Exercise

Section 4: Let’s Put This Into Practice!

Lecture 17 Speech, Speech, Speech!

Lecture 18 Game Plan Moving Forward

Lecture 19 Exercise Review



Students that are ready to take action!,Students who are tired of not being heard!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 10m | 1.55 GB
Created by: GB Voice Academy

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