Voice Training Proven Methods to Improve Your Vocal Skills

Professional Voice Training Exercises and Techniques Guaranteed to Make Your Voice Sound More Powerful and Authoritative
Voice Training Proven Methods to Improve Your Vocal Skills
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Voice Training Proven Methods to Improve Your Vocal Skills

What you’ll learn

You will be able to project your voice more and make people listen to you.
You will be able to captivate your audience and leave them wanting more!
You will be able to stand in front of an audience and deliver powerful and memorable speeches.
You will be able to create videos that connect with your viewers and force them to take action.

Voice Training Proven Methods to Improve Your Vocal Skills


You need to be excited about improving your voice and ready to take action.
You need to be willing to practice the exercises and techniques that you learn in order to make progress.
(optional) You may choose to use a mic to record your voice as you practice these voice training exercises


Do you have difficulties in communicating with people?  Even when you’re with a group of friends, you find your voice doesn’t cut through the conversation even when you have some cool things to say? Wouldn’t you love to have to have a rich, full, clear voice that people just want to listen to? Maybe you create videos or podcasts telling potential customers about a great new product or service, but your voice lets you down and no matter how much you practice, you just sound not confident, or you stumble on your words.I’m Peter Baker, and as an experienced professional voiceover artist and broadcaster with over 40 year’s experience, I’ll train you to dramatically improve your voice and communication skills.

In this voice training course, you’ll discover the bad habits and defects that may have been holding your voice back. You’ll learn some very powerful voice training exercises so you can enhance your resonance, clarity and volume.   I’ll show you how to boost your confidence so you’ll be able to stand out and be heard in group conversations.  You’ll learn how to put energy and passion into your speaking voice so that you’ll hold the attention of listeners for longer and impress more!

In this course, you’ll also find training modules covering voice pitch, warming up, voice health, breath control, resonance, clarity and much more…

I’ll present this information in an easy to implement manner and I know you’ll start enjoying improved results to your voice fast.  So, let’s get started, click the button now and I look forward seeing you on the inside!


Section 1: Introduction to Voice Training = Proven Methods to Improve Your Vocal Skills

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The Udemy Student Support Center

Lecture 3 Voice Myths and the Importance of Fitness

Lecture 4 Relaxation

Lecture 5 Identifying the Problem

Lecture 6 Fixing the Problems

Section 2: Voice Training Exercises & Techniques

Lecture 7 Warm-Up

Lecture 8 Breathing

Lecture 9 Resonance

Lecture 10 Clarity

Lecture 11 Range

Lecture 12 Energy

Lecture 13 Voice Health

Lecture 14 What next…

This course is for YOU if you want to improve the quality of your voice.,This course is for YOU if you want to sound more confident and stand out in a crowd.,This course is for YOU if you deliver presentations or public speaking.,This course is for YOU if you create videos and wants to deliver a message more effectively to your viewers.,This course is for YOU if you want to change your voice if it’s too high, low or monotonous.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 25m | 2.05 GB
Created by: Voiceover Masterclass

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