VoiceOver Training Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro

How To Record Professional Presentations and Voice-Over Recordings at Home. Improve Your Video Audio or Voice Recordings
VoiceOver Training Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro
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Voiceover Masterclass


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VoiceOver Training Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro

What you’ll learn

Watch this video to discover how you can earn a good income from home as a professional voiceover artist!
You’ll find out how to master the art of voiceover recording to earn a full-time income in as little as a few months!
Discover the simple steps that will transform you from doing odd acting or extra roles into a professional voice artist in demand from clients round the world!
You’ll learn the five simple things you must interpret on any voiceover script to make sure the client will LOVE your recordings!
Revealed: Why it’s NOT your fault you’ve not been successful before in voiceover, and what you can do to find clients who will love your voice and vocal style.
In just a few weeks from now, be earning money for recording scripts for documentaries to commercials, game characters and much more!

VoiceOver Training Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro


A microphone is essential + stand (optional)
A computer, PC, laptop or MacBook + audio editing software (available free)
A pop shield (optional but recommended)
Digital Recorder


Bestselling Voiceover Training Course – Being Updated July 2020Do you need to find an enjoyable source of income from home that’s creative and can even give celebrity status? You could get rid of your 9 to 5 job and learn a set of new skills that will give you much more enjoyment! “Voiceover Masterclass – Record & Edit Voiceover Like a Pro” is a well-regarded course that will offer you this and much more, by explaining in simple steps, how to set yourself up at home with your own studio and editing facility, recording voiceover scripts! The course is designed for complete beginners who have a flair for speaking and reading scripts to be able to start up as a professional freelancer. You’ll discover how to find clients around the world to give you scripts that you’ll be able to interpret and record for really good rates of pay.We’ll take your hand through the various stages so you’ll be able to understand what equipment you need to get and how to connect it together; to interpret various types of scripts such as documentaries, promo and commercial scripts and training materials so your client will be happy first time!By the end of the course, you’ll be totally up to speed with the knowledge that you need to run your own voiceover recording business at home, without paying out for the hire of other recording studios, with no commuting costs, and no nasty boss breathing down your neck! You’ll be in control of your destiny as a professional voice talent!Video-based learning is perfect for this type of work as you can hear and see what you need to know, it beats a book! The main instructor, Peter Baker has over 40 years as a professional voiceover. What Peter doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing!Plus you’ll get a large downloadable illustrated pdf with notes from the various chapters for you to refer to.What are other people saying?Alun Bessette: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Very clear training and at a pace I’m comfortable with.”Anna Marie Cadayang: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Very useful and practical with a very knowledgeable instructor”Rene Vincent Torralba: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Valuable explanations and clear explanations. I love the video samples and exercises!”There’s around 6 hours of material in this course and much of it has been completely updated and revised for 2020. Taking it one step at a time, you’ll learn all there is to know about earning income at home as a professional voice talent.We’ll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related, you can always post a question. Make the decision now that may well transform your life and click to start learning from this course now. You’re welcome to have full access to every module and the resources and enjoy a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.We look forward to welcoming you on the inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What exactly is the job of a voice over + Create Character Voices

Lecture 2 The Udemy Student Support Center


Section 2: Set Up, Equipment & Resources

Lecture 4 Introduction To Setting Up And Getting Started

Lecture 5 Setting Up Your Home Recording Studio

Lecture 6 Voice Over Recording Equipment

Lecture 7 Audio Editing Software

Lecture 8 Recording At An External Studio

Section 3: Voice Training

Lecture 9 Warming Up Your Voice

Lecture 10 How To Improve The Resonance And Depth Of Your Voice

Lecture 11 Mouth Closure

Lecture 12 Tension

Lecture 13 The Five Vocal Elements

Lecture 14 Inflection – The Upwards and Downwards Pitch Movement Between Each Word

Lecture 15 Colouring Words And Showcasing Product Names

Lecture 16 Sentence Endings

Lecture 17 How To Voice Questions

Lecture 18 Reading Lists

Lecture 19 Speaking Naturally

Lecture 20 Speaking With Variety

Lecture 21 Accents and Character Voices

Lecture 22 How To Voice Hard Words And Numbers Correctly

Lecture 23 Hard URL’s and Web Addresses

Lecture 24 Practice!

Section 4: Reading Scripts And Using Appropriate Voice Styles

Lecture 25 Top 3 Mistakes New Voice Overs Make

Lecture 26 Sight Reading

Lecture 27 Getting In The Head Of The Listener

Lecture 28 Anchoring Voice Styles And Accents

Lecture 29 The “Announcer” Voice

Lecture 30 The “Narrator” Voice

Lecture 31 The “Hard Sell” Voice

Lecture 32 The “Trainer” Voice

Lecture 33 Arm Movements When Recording

Section 5: Testing Your Skills And Video Showcase Examples

Lecture 34 Test Scripts For You To Read

Lecture 35 Video Showcase Part 1 – Live Examples

Lecture 36 Showcase Part 2 – Live Examples

Lecture 37 Showcase Part 3 – Live Examples

Lecture 38 Showcase Part 4 – Live Examples

Section 6: Audio Editing And File Types

Lecture 39 Introduction To Audio Editing

Lecture 40 Reading Waveforms

Lecture 41 Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 42 Audio File Types

Lecture 43 Dealing With Multiple Files

Lecture 44 Editing Exercises

Lecture 45 The “Magic Booster” Technique

Section 7: Marketing Your Services, Finding Work And Building Your Voice Over Business

Lecture 46 The Business Model And Workflow

Lecture 47 Top 10 Tips For Your Voice Over Website

Lecture 48 Creating Demo Showreels

Lecture 49 Marketing Your Services Part 1

Lecture 50 Marketing Your Services Part 2

Lecture 51 Auditioning Online

Lecture 52 Notes On Using Contracts

Lecture 53 Audio Books

Lecture 54 Prioritising Work

Lecture 55 Templates And Boilerplates (Downloadable Templates)

Lecture 56 House Keeping And Staying Organised

Lecture 57 Paying Tax As A Voice Over

Lecture 58 Top 10 Tips

Lecture 59 What Next…

The training and guidance given within Voiceover Masterclass is designed for anyone at any level. Whether you have no previous experience at all and just want to get started or if you are aiming to further expand your voice over business. You will find everything you need.,Final Thoughts… “Millions and millions of dollars are often invested from all over the world on Voice overs and that’s great for the both of us. I would like to help you discover the highly lucrative world of voice overs, reach financial freedom and achieve your goals”.

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Created by: Voiceover Masterclass

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