VPs and Directors of Product Management Finding Excellence

Succeeding in an intense, stressful, invigorating job
VPs and Directors of Product Management Finding Excellence
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VPs and Directors of Product Management Finding Excellence

What you’ll learn

Lead a product team to create innovative new products
Find market success – working with marketing, sales, and customer support teams
Drive growth, competitive advantage, and profitability through product strategy
Guide, manage, and motivate an excellent product team

VPs and Directors of Product Management Finding Excellence


A solid understanding of the role and day-to-day work of product management


This job as a VP of Product, Head of Product, or Director of Product Management has incredible upside opportunities – but it’s not simple to find success in this role.We need to guide product teams over time…balancing top-level strategy with team-level empowermentfinding innovation, customer delight, competitive advantage, and market success…all while gaining and keeping the confidence of the executives around us.This course has been designed to help you find this success. To do this, we’ll dive into four areas:Leading our teams to create innovative new products, working side-by-side with our engineering and technical teams, and our product designersFinding market success for our products – supporting our sales, marketing, and customer support teamsDriving growth, competitive advantage, and profitability through product strategyGrowing, managing, and motivating an excellent product teamWe will include lots of company examples in this course – spanning software, hardware, and services, plus practice activities and case studies. All tools, templates, and course materials are available for download.If you are in this job today – or are a senior product manager looking to move into this role – my goal is to get you the knowledge, approaches, and tools you need to find excellence.It’s a crazy, tough, rewarding job, and we all need help.I hope you’ll join us!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Delight your customers with innovative new products

Lecture 2 Greenhouse AI and finding innovation (part 1)

Lecture 3 Greenhouse AI and finding innovation (part 2)

Lecture 4 Interview customers continuously

Lecture 5 Practice Activity: Gig workers

Lecture 6 Practice Activity: i-mop floor scrubbers

Lecture 7 Guide your team to do customer interviews: 7 steps

Lecture 8 Test product concepts

Lecture 9 Practice Activity: Coaching product managers on concept testing

Lecture 10 Stage-gates: Add energy and innovation

Lecture 11 Use product analytics to optimize your product (software)

Lecture 12 Use product analytics to optimize your products (hardware)

Lecture 13 Structure your product teams (team topology)

Lecture 14 Practice Activity: Structuring product teams

Lecture 15 Prioritize across the portfolio

Lecture 16 Create roadmaps that reflect your strategy

Lecture 17 Creating roadmaps: Step-by-step as a VP/Director

Lecture 18 Focus your product teams with OKRs

Lecture 19 Set priorities with development buckets

Lecture 20 Collaborate well with engineering teams

Lecture 21 Work successfully with product designers

Section 3: Find market success

Lecture 22 Salmon aquaculture and finding market success

Lecture 23 Demonstrate respect for sales teams

Lecture 24 Enable sales with powerful tools

Lecture 25 Support a sales team over time

Lecture 26 Supporting sales: step-by-step as a VP/Director

Lecture 27 Practice Activity: Salmon aquaculture case study

Lecture 28 Launch new products with impact

Lecture 29 Practice Activity: Launching new products

Lecture 30 Find growth through the product lifecycle

Lecture 31 Product-led growth

Lecture 32 Play offense, play defense

Lecture 33 Finding growth: Step-by-step as a VP/Director

Section 4: Drive growth and profitability with a product strategy

Lecture 34 Envoy case study (part 1)

Lecture 35 Go big with product strategy

Lecture 36 Craft a product vision and objectives

Lecture 37 Develop a product strategy (part 1)

Lecture 38 Develop a product strategy (part 2)

Lecture 39 Develop a product strategy (part 3)

Lecture 40 Operationalize a strategy (KPIs)

Lecture 41 Organize a team to create product strategy

Lecture 42 Guide empowered teams over time (the product leadership dance)

Lecture 43 Practice Activity: Product leadership dance and failure points

Lecture 44 Work successfully with executives

Lecture 45 Envoy case study (part 2)

Section 5: Grow, manage, and motivate an excellent product team

Lecture 46 Grow, manage, and motivate an excellent product team

Lecture 47 Create a one-year-out organization plan

Lecture 48 Recruit product managers

Lecture 49 Interview and hire

Lecture 50 Practice Activity: Challenge #1 (Montessori school principal)

Lecture 51 Onboard new product managers

Lecture 52 Guide, coach, and train a team

Lecture 53 Practice Activity: Challenge #2 (Product managers and raises)

Lecture 54 Practice Activity: Challenge #3 (Skylab)

Lecture 55 Create teamwork

Section 6: Course wrap-up

Lecture 56 The first 90 days

Lecture 57 Course wrap-up

VPs of Product, Head of Product, Directors of Product Management or leaders with similar roles,Senior product managers aspiring to a VP/Director/Head of Product role,Business managers and executives who want to better understand product leadership

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Created by: Todd Birzer

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