Warehouse Management in Logistics Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Logistics Management in Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Inventory Management in Logistics and Supply Chain
Warehouse Management in Logistics Supply Chain Management
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Warehouse Management in Logistics Supply Chain Management

What you’ll learn

The role of the warehouse
Types of warehouse operation
Warehouse location
Specialized warehousing
Warehouse processes: receiving and put-away
Warehouse processes: pick preparation
Picking strategies and equipment
Storage equipment in warehouse
Order-picking methods
Warehouse processes from replenishment to despatch and beyond
Warehouse management systems
Warehouse layout
Storage and handling equipment
Outsourcing a warehouse
Performance management
Inventory classification

Warehouse Management in Logistics Supply Chain Management


Anyone can take this course (no prior knowledge of finance or Warehouse is required)! I recommend having pen and paper if you complete the course you will have a very good idea about Warehouse Management.


Warehouse Management in Logistics & Supply Chain Management course, you will learn some of the key skills required to be a successful Warehouse Management professional in Logistics and Supply Chain . You will learn about warehouse management principles, important warehouse processes and common trends in logistics and supply chain management. As well as learning about automation and warehouse management technology, you will also learn about outsourcing. This warehouse management system course will prepare you to successfully manage your own warehouse. So if you work in logistics and supply chain industry this course will be a boon. As the instructor has used infographics to boost the your imagination and it will help you understand better.With growth of ecommerce the demand for logistics and supply chain has grown tremendously and to move your goods safely you need a safe warehouse management solution which will give a boost to your overall demand and supply.Modules in this course1) What is a Warehousing and Warehouse Management ? 2)Warehouse Inventory Management in Supply Chain.3)Choosing a warehouse location.4)Types of warehouses5)Value added services in a warehouse management6)Functions of warehouse management7)Understanding the warehouse layout8)The storage area in warehouse9)Material handling equipment’s 10)Warehouse equipment’s____Warehouse process____11)Receiving stage12)Put away process13)Goods picking 14)Packaging process15)The Shipping and Logistics process____Warehouse process____16)Types of loading dock in warehouse17)Automations in warehouse18) Kpi’s in warehouse19)Warehouse Management safety measures


Section 1: What is warehouse and its importance ?

Lecture 1 Course Trailer | Warehouse Management in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Lecture 2 What is a warehouse?

Lecture 3 Warehouse vs Godown

Lecture 4 Importance of having a warehouse

Section 2: Warehouse Location and Layout

Lecture 5 Selecting a perfect location for warehouse

Section 3: Types of warehouses

Lecture 6 Public and Private Warehouse

Lecture 7 Government ,Corporative warehouse and Refrigerated Warehouse

Lecture 8 Customs

Lecture 9 Custom bonded warehouse

Section 4: Warehouse layout

Lecture 10 Types of warehouse layout

Lecture 11 Warehouse Flow Overview

Section 5: FTL vs LTL

Lecture 12 FTL vs LTL

Section 6: Functions of a warehouse

Lecture 13 Freight Consolidation , Break the Bulk , Stock Piling

Lecture 14 Value Added Services and Price Stabilization.

Lecture 15 Warehouse Financing

Section 7: Understanding storage area and types of storage racks

Lecture 16 Coding the Storage Area

Lecture 17 Coding the Exact Bin Location

Lecture 18 FIFO and LIFO

Lecture 19 Floor Storage/Block Stacking

Lecture 20 Pushback racks

Lecture 21 Radio Shuttle Racking System

Lecture 22 Drive-in Drive-thru Pallet Racks

Lecture 23 Mobile Pallet Racking System

Lecture 24 Wide Aisle Racking

Lecture 25 Narrow Aisle Racking

Lecture 26 Pallet live storage

Lecture 27 High bay warehouse

Section 8: Material handling equipment’s (MHE)

Lecture 28 The role of MHE in warehouse

Lecture 29 Gravity Conveyors

Lecture 30 Powered Conveyors

Lecture 31 Walkie Stacker

Lecture 32 Combustion and Battery Forklift

Lecture 33 Hight Reach Forklift

Lecture 34 Automated storage and retrieval system

Section 9: Flow in a warehouse

Lecture 35 Flow in a warehouse

Section 10: Receiving the 1st process of warehouse

Lecture 36 What is receiving?

Lecture 37 Steps involved in receiving

Lecture 38 How to optimize the receiving process

Section 11: Put away the 2nd warehouse process

Lecture 39 What is put away?

Lecture 40 Putaway Step and mistakes

Section 12: Picking Process the 3rd warehouse process

Lecture 41 What is Picking?

Lecture 42 Pick to light

Lecture 43 Voice directed picking

Lecture 44 Vision directed picking

Lecture 45 Discrete picking

Lecture 46 Batch picking

Lecture 47 Batch Picking : Cluster Picking

Lecture 48 Zone picking

Lecture 49 Wave Picking

Lecture 50 A-B-C analysis

Section 13: Packing process 4th warehouse process

Lecture 51 What is packing ?

Lecture 52 How is an order packed?

Lecture 53 Types of Packaging

Lecture 54 Unit Load Concept

Lecture 55 Skid vs Pallet

Lecture 56 Palletizer

Lecture 57 Strapping : Types of Straps

Lecture 58 Stretch Wrapping and Shrink Wrapping

Lecture 59 Product Labelling and Coding

Lecture 60 Cargo specific labels

Lecture 61 How to palletize shrink wrap your freight

Lecture 62 Cycle Count

Section 14: Shipping the 5th warehouse process

Lecture 63 Shipping Cargo from warehouse

Lecture 64 Shipping dock in a warehouse

Lecture 65 Dock Leveler

Lecture 66 Dock Seal, Dock Shelter and Bumper Pads

Lecture 67 Dock Lights

Lecture 68 Dock gates and Dock doors

Lecture 69 Vehicle restraints

Lecture 70 Types of Docks in Warehouse

Lecture 71 Cross Docking

Section 15: Automations in Warehouse

Lecture 72 Barcodes, Scanner and Printer

Lecture 73 Machine Vision

Lecture 74 RFID

Lecture 75 Warehouse Management System

Section 16: Key Performance Indicators in a warehouse

Lecture 76 Receiving KPI

Lecture 77 Putaway KPI

Lecture 78 Picking KPI

Lecture 79 Carrying Cost

Lecture 80 Inventory turnover ratio

Lecture 81 Rate Of Return

Lecture 82 Back Order Rate

Lecture 83 Order Lead Time

Section 17: Warehouse Safety: The Right Moves to Make

Lecture 84 Slip Trips and Falls

Lecture 85 Vehicle Safety

Lecture 86 Pallet Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

Lecture 87 Fire Training

Lecture 88 Warehouse Ergonomics

Section 18: Outsourcing and Insourcing warehouse operations

Lecture 89 Outsourcing and Insourcing warehouse operations

Lecture 90 4 Easy Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Lecture 91 Drone logistics company launched

Section 19: Bonus Section

Lecture 92 Bonus Article

Supply Chain Professional, International Business, Inventory and Warehouse Professionals

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