Water Treatment Process Design

design water treatment& RO/NF plants, sand& multimedia filter, iron& manganese removal filter, Ion exchange DI& softener
Water Treatment Process Design
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Mohamed Khalil, PMP®


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Water Treatment Process Design

What you’ll learn

learn all calculations and equation to design sand and multimedia filters
learn all calculations and knowledge required to design Iron and manganese removal systems
learn how to design water ion exchange softener, calculation of resin quantity, and chemical regeneration chemicals
learn all calculations and knowledge related to reverse osmosis plant design
learn how to design deionizer, calculate cation and anion resin quantity
learn how to design mixed bed system
learn how to calculate filtration rate, how to determine vessel diameter, vessel height and vessel types
learn how to determine filtration media grains size, layer depth and media quantity
learn all you need about filtration media types and specifications
learn how to choose the right control head for your filter
learn how to calculate required amount of oxygen, air and potassium permangnate to oxidize and precipitate iron and manganese
learn how to design birm and green sand filters, media quantity, vessel dimensions and controlling system
learn how to design vessel and determine vessel dimensions of deionizer and mixed bed

Water Treatment Process Design


be able to learn and understand design calculations
Be ready to write and absorb alot of informative notes


learn all design calculations and instructions of water treatment systems, sand& multimedia filters, iron & manganese removal systems, Oxidation, aeration and precipitation techniques of Iron& manganese and BIRM& green sand filters design.learn how to design Softener, two beds and mixed bed ion exchange Deionizer IX systems and RO/NF system.take many examples for system design to enhance the knowledge.


Section 1: sand and multimedia filters design


Lecture 2 physical and chemical properties & impurities in water

Lecture 3 Introduction to sand filter and multimedia section content 2

Lecture 4 turbidity, SDI, TSS and gramme equivalent

Lecture 5 filtration process and filter components

Lecture 6 choose filtration rate and determine vessel diameter

Lecture 7 media grain size to layer depth ratio

Lecture 8 expansion rate and vessels types

Lecture 9 calculation media quantity as volume and weight & distributors design

Lecture 10 control system design

Lecture 11 backwash process details

Lecture 12 piping sizing and design example

Lecture 13 design sheet

Section 2: Iron/Manganese removal section

Lecture 14 Introduction for Iron/Manganese removal section

Lecture 15 design steps- oxygen and air requirement to oxidize Fe/Mn

Lecture 16 example of oxygen requirement, air injector

Lecture 17 Birm filter design calculations

Lecture 18 complete case study of birm filter design

Lecture 19 case study of birm filter design 2

Lecture 20 green sand filter desin- KMn4 requirements

Lecture 21 Green sand filter design( green sand quantity& regeneration)

Section 3: softener design section

Lecture 22 hardness limits, impact and measuring units

Lecture 23 how to calculate total hardness in different measuring units

Lecture 24 resin quantity calculations

Lecture 25 Vessel dimensions and distributors

Lecture 26 brine requirements in kg, chemical tank specifications and control head

Lecture 27 WAVE software to design softener in English

Lecture 28 WAVE software to design softener in arabic

Section 4: De-ionizer and mixed bed system design

Lecture 29 Cations & Anions

Lecture 30 De-ionization principle, Applications and advantages &disadvantages

Lecture 31 Two bed& mixed bed deionizer – co-current& counter current deionizer

Lecture 32 TDS in Meq/lt

Lecture 33 Resin quantity& regeneration levels

Lecture 34 regeneration efficiency& design examples

Lecture 35 Vessel dimensions, Area, diameter, height and free doard

Lecture 36 Vessel sizing, diameter, height and free board

Lecture 37 controlling system& regeneration process

Lecture 38 mixed bed system design, resin quantity, vessel sizing and regeneration process

Section 5: RO/NF design section

Lecture 39 conventional, disc and cartridge filtration

Lecture 40 UF/MF ( Ceramic membranes)

Lecture 41 Nano Filtration(NF) and Reverse Osmosis(RO) process principle

Lecture 42 RO/NF Scaling Calculations &Control

Lecture 43 RO/NF Colloidal fouling control

Lecture 44 RO/NF Biological fouling control/ Chlorination & De-chlorination

Lecture 45 RO/NF Organic fouling control

Lecture 46 RO/NF system design

Lecture 47 RO/NF system design- choosing membrane type/ flux

Lecture 48 RO/NF design- determine No. of membranes, pressure vessels, recovery and stages

Lecture 49 Design case for BWRO plant with capacity 1500CMD

Lecture 50 Video on Using ROSA for projection and design analysis RECOVERY 80%


Lecture 52 Video on Using WAVE software for projection and design analysis

Lecture 53 HPP performance curve& pressure vessel specifications

Lecture 54 RO/NF piping and instrumentation diagram

engineers,chemist,technicians,students,science students

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Udemy | English | 7h 18m | 3.01 GB
Created by: Mohamed Khalil, PMP®

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