Web Content Studio Mastery

Learn how to get the most out of the software to write better quality web content.
Web Content Studio Mastery
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Web Content Studio Mastery

What you’ll learn

Install Web Content Studio
Upgrade to version 2 of the software, and transfer across version 1 data.
Understand the typical workflow of the software.
Use Web Content Studio to find highly relevant theme words and phrases for any article.
Create content that ranks for dozens, if not hundreds of search terms.
Use WCS to research web content.
Use the built in WYSIWYG editor and associated tools to create high quality web content.
Use writing guides to fast-track content creation.
Use the Treeview feature to quickly browse for theme word & phrase problems.
Import Word articles into WCS.
Use a variety of reports to find problems in your articles, and use the top 10 pages ranking in Google to check your own levels of themeing are OK.
Keep notes inside WCS so everything you need is in one place.

Web Content Studio Mastery


Students will need to own Web Content Studio to take the course, but do not need any specific knowledge.


Web Content Studio is a sophisticated tool to help webmasters write high quality web content. It does have a learning curve that can put some webmasters off, but that is where this course comes in. Created by the creator of Web Content Studio, this course will take you through every aspect of the tool, showing you how to harness the power to create great content.Watch over my shoulderThis course allows you to watch “over-my-shoulder” as I use the software. You’ll learn about the logical workflow as you create content, and watch each step as I carry them out in this course. You’ll get to see me working on content for my real websites.What’s in the course?The course starts at the very beginning, with installation and/or upgrading the software to the latest version 2. The entire course uses the latest version of Web Content Studio (version 2.x). You’ll then learn:The logical steps within the software from content idea to final article.Mining keywords and phrases from the top ranking pages to use as theme words in your own content.You’ll learn about a few power user features of the spider, that most people are not aware of.How to use bookmarks to quickly access your favourite research sites.How to use the Grabber and the scratchpad to quickly research any topic, in a format that is easy to use later when writing your content.How to use the WYSIWYG editor to write your content and format it, ready for your website.How to use built in reports to check the theme of your content, and find potential problems like overuse of keywords.How writing guides can speed up your content creation.Keeping notes inside the software, so they can be found and used easily.What will you get out of this course?If you are going to use a piece of software, who better to learn from than the creator and programmer of the tool? With my inside knowledge, you’ll have the advantage of learning from the leading expert on Web Content Studio, as well as a respected SEO and content creation specialist. In short, you’ll learn how to unleash the full power of Web Content Studio to write content that you are proud of, and the search engines will love.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Need Help With Udemy Interface?

Lecture 3 Installing Web Content Studio

Lecture 4 Upgrading from Version 1 to 2

Lecture 5 A Quick Start

Lecture 6 WCS Options

Section 2: Theme Word Research

Lecture 7 Types of Theme Word Research in WCS

Lecture 8 Setting up Google Datacenters

Lecture 9 Manual or 1-Click Keyword Spider?

Lecture 10 1-Click Keyword Spider

Lecture 11 LSI Keyword Cloud

Lecture 12 Manual Method :: Keyword Spider for Finding Keywords

Lecture 13 Manual Method :: A Quicker Method

Lecture 14 Viewing the URL List used by the Spider

Lecture 15 Excluding URLs from the Spider

Lecture 16 Custom URL Spidering

Section 3: The Researcher Tab

Lecture 17 Opening Bookmarks

Lecture 18 Adding/Editing Bookmarks

Lecture 19 The Grabber

Lecture 20 Processing your ScratchPad Content

Section 4: The WYSIWYG Editor

Lecture 21 WYSIWYG Editor

Lecture 22 Source Tab

Lecture 23 Import Word Article into WCS

Lecture 24 Plain Text

Lecture 25 Theme Words

Lecture 26 Theme Phrases

Lecture 27 Text Formatting Options

Lecture 28 Opening the Scratchpad Window

Lecture 29 Insert Images

Lecture 30 Insert Links

Lecture 31 Article Writing Guides

Lecture 32 Treeview Window

Lecture 33 Export Article

Lecture 34 Strip HTML from a document

Section 5: Reports

Lecture 35 Check Keywords

Lecture 36 Keyword Map

Lecture 37 Theme Report

Lecture 38 Check Theme Words against Top 10

Lecture 39 Exact Match?

Section 6: NOTES

Lecture 40 Using the Notes feature

Section 7: Keyword LSI Spider Software

Lecture 41 Overview of the tool

Lecture 42 Finding the Root Phrase

Lecture 43 Ignore List & Google Centres

Lecture 44 Running the Spider

Lecture 45 The Results

Lecture 46 Using the Results

Lecture 47 A Solution: Spider Error

Section 8: Other Stuff

Lecture 48 Restoring a Database Backup

Lecture 49 Bonus Lecture

Anyone that owns Web Content Studio should take this course.,Anyone that wants to get expert advice on any aspect of the software.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 44m | 3.31 GB
Created by: Andrew Williams

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