Web Design Course With HTML CSS WordPress Novice to Expert

Learn the Basics of HTML, CSS, Wordpress and get Started with Web Design
Web Design Course With HTML CSS Wordpress Novice to Expert
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Austin Morris


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Web Design Course With HTML CSS WordPress Novice to Expert

What you’ll learn

Essential Function of HTML
Essential Function of CSS
Essential Function of WordPress
Essential Function of Elementor

Web Design Course With HTML CSS WordPress Novice to Expert


Understand English Language
Able to run computer


Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Web Design Course for Beginners to Intermediate. If you plan to learn HTML, CSS, WordPress from the beginning then this is a basic-level course. If you never open HTML, CSS, WordPress before or if you don’t have any previous knowledge then you join in this class because we designed this course from the very basic to advanced.This course have three separate section like HTML, CSS, WordPress. So lets take a look what you will learn from this course:In HTML Section you will learn about:Tag Element AttributesChoosing EditorVisual Studio SetupStructure and TitleText and HeadingFont ColorBackground ColorText BackgroundFontsText FormattingPage Link and HyperlinkAdding and Resizing the ImageListTableI-frame and many moreIn CSS Section you will learn about the:CSS SelectorsExternal CSSMarginPaddingColor and BackgroundTextBorders and many moreIn WordPress Section you will learn about the:WordPress InstallationFunctionality of WordPressMediaPageCommentAppearancePluginsUserSettingsDevelop a complete site and many moreBy the end of this course, you will have strong skills in creating websites with. So once you will complete this course you will have knowledge about HTML, CSS and WordPressDuring learning, if you face any problem then you don’t have to worry about I am always there for you to help you out. You just have to ask me the questions. I am expecting you to have you in my first lesson. Thanks


Section 1: HTML

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 HTML CSS Introdicement

Lecture 3 Start with HTML

Lecture 4 Text, header and paragraphs

Lecture 5 Style

Lecture 6 Formatting

Lecture 7 Link

Lecture 8 Image

Lecture 9 List

Lecture 10 Table

Section 2: CSS

Lecture 11 CSS Introducement

Lecture 12 Selectors

Lecture 13 Internal inline and external CSS

Lecture 14 Color CSS

Lecture 15 Background CSS

Lecture 16 Borders

Lecture 17 Padding

Lecture 18 Alignment, line spacing and letter spacing

Lecture 19 Link

Lecture 20 Float

Lecture 21 Text icon height width font

Lecture 22 List and navigation

Beginner who wants to learn html from the beginning

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 1m | 1.71 GB
Created by: Austin Morris

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