Web GIS development course

Basic Web GIS development for non programmer
Web GIS development course
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Krishna Lodha


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Web GIS development course

What you’ll learn

web gis development
web development
mapbox gl js
postgres / PostGIS
ajax- PHP
opensource web development

Web GIS development course


Basic understanding of GIS
Eagerness to learn web development


Merging technology with some niche fields is a sure way to make yourself stand out in the crowd! If you are from a GIS background and think that you can excel in your career, by learning GIS web development, this course is for you.Don’t worry even if you are from a non-CS background, I have covered everything from basic HTML pages to creating full-fledged industry-standard web gis application. I will be teaching you :Basics of Web developmentHTMLCSSBootstrapJavascript / jQueryOpenlayersGeoserverPostgresPostGISPHP – AJAXOther mapping librariesLeaflet jsMapbox GL JSThis will give you a brief idea about basic open source web gis development and how to get started with creating complex applications with coding backend as well as front end.  This course will be a good starting point for the Open source web GIS world as it touches various technologies available out. By finishing this course students will be confident to expand their knowledge by pursuing more advanced topicsI love mapping and I love Web development, and when I decided to put both my passions together, I became a GIS web developer. Currently, I work as a freelance GIS developer as well as a trainer for various companies and individuals. I believe anyone even if they don’t belong to the Computer science field can always start learning.HAPPY CODING !!


Section 1: Introduction to HTML

Lecture 1 Setup and getting started

Lecture 2 Basic HTML tags and Resources

Lecture 3 HTML list and div tag

Lecture 4 HTML Input tags

Lecture 5 HTML Table tags

Lecture 6 Miscellaneous HTML tags

Section 2: Introduction to CSS

Lecture 7 What is CSS?

Lecture 8 Methods of adding CSS

Lecture 9 Box Model in CSS

Section 3: Introduction to Bootstrap

Lecture 10 Introduction to Bootstrap

Lecture 11 Grids concept in Bootstrap

Lecture 12 Creating beautiful and responsive forms

Section 4: Introduction to JavaScript

Lecture 13 Basics of Javascript

Lecture 14 Operators in Javascript

Lecture 15 Javascript Arrays

Lecture 16 Javascript Objects

Lecture 17 Conditions in Javascript

Lecture 18 Loops in Javascript

Lecture 19 DOM/BOM in Javascript

Lecture 20 Functions in Javascript

Section 5: BREAK TIME!!!

Lecture 21 Why it is important?

Lecture 22 Creating Basic Portfolio site

Lecture 23 Creating Calculator site

Section 6: Introduction to openlayers

Lecture 24 Introduction to openlayers

Lecture 25 Setting up everything to use openlayers

Lecture 26 Projection in openlayers and Map properties

Lecture 27 Visualising Raster layers

Lecture 28 Visualising Vector layers

Lecture 29 Interactions with Map

Lecture 30 Map methods and Controls in map

Lecture 31 Custom Controls in Openlayers

Section 7: Introduction to Geoserver

Lecture 32 Downloading Geoserver for windows

Lecture 33 Introduction to Geoserver

Lecture 34 Workspaces, Stores and Layers

Lecture 35 Geoserver advance styling

Lecture 36 Creating Roles in Geoserver

Lecture 37 WMS capabilities in Geoserver

Lecture 38 WFS capabilities in Geoserver

Section 8: Introduction to Database

Lecture 39 Introduction to Database

Lecture 40 Basic operations in PostgreSQL

Lecture 41 PostgreSQL Operations : Joins, Foreign key, etc.

Lecture 42 Introduction to PostGIS and adding Spatial data

Lecture 43 PostGIS queries

Section 9: Introduction to PHP-AJAX

Lecture 44 Installation of Xampp

Lecture 45 Using XMLHttpRequest object

Lecture 46 PHP-AJAX Get request

Lecture 47 PHP-AJAX Post request

Section 10: Introduction to Leaflet js

Lecture 48 Introduction to Leaflet js

Lecture 49 Markers, Popups and tooltips in Leaflet js

Section 11: Introduction to Mapbox

Lecture 50 Introduction to Mapbox

Lecture 51 Introduction to Mapbox studio

Section 12: Complete Coding exercises

Lecture 52 Creating photo sharing installable GIS app

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Course Information:

Udemy | English | 18h 52m | 12.10 GB
Created by: Krishna Lodha

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