Webflow For Beginners How To Use Webflow

Learn how to develop websites using Webflow in this masterclass course specifically created for Webflow beginners.
Webflow For Beginners How To Use Webflow
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Webflow For Beginners How To Use Webflow

What you’ll learn

How to get started with Webflow
How to use the UI of Webflow
How to use div blocks, container and sections in Webflow
How to style the Webflow navigation and footer
How to make a responsive website in Webflow
How to create a landing page in Webflow
How to make a webflow website
How to use webflow

Webflow For Beginners How To Use Webflow


You will only require a Webflow account(free or paid) and a laptop or pc to follow along


A Beginners Masterclass In WebflowWelcome to my brand new Webflow course!In this course, I take you through how to use Webflow to design and develop stunning websites. Webflow does have a slightly steeper learning curve than other page builders such as Wix or Elementor, but once you’ve got to grips with Webflow, you won’t want to use anything else.I have personally been designing and developing websites for 10 years and largely had been using WordPress. However three years ago I decided to make the switch to Webflow and now almost all of my client work is within the platform. The course starts with you learning the Web flow UI and I take you through all the different elements you’ll be using. Then we cover how to correctly structure websites using div blocks, containers, sections, grids and Flexbox.We will also cover Webflow interactions and animations in order to breathe some life into your designs.The Class ProjectFor the last part of the course you will be developing a landing page using some of the new skills you’ll have learned throughout the course. The landing page is a converted design from one of my business websites you will develop everything from the nav to the footer and everything in-between in order to have a fully functioning website landing page.Let’s Get Started!So if you’re ready, we’ll get you started learning most of what Webflow has to offer in order to create beautiful responsive websites!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Html & CSS Overview

Section 2: The Webflow Interface

Lecture 3 The Webflow Interface: Elements Panel

Lecture 4 The Webflow Interface: Styling Panel

Lecture 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Section 3: Display Options

Lecture 6 Display Settings: Block, Inline Block, Inline & Display None

Lecture 7 Display Settings: Flexbox

Lecture 8 Flexbox Game

Lecture 9 Grids

Lecture 10 When To Use Flexbox Or Grid?

Section 4: Webflow Essentials

Lecture 11 Position

Lecture 12 Naming Classes

Lecture 13 How To Structure Your Websites

Lecture 14 How To Make Your Websites Mobile Responsive

Lecture 15 How To Use Symbols

Lecture 16 The CMS

Lecture 17 Contact Forms

Lecture 18 Styling The Default Nav & Footer

Lecture 19 How To Clone & Re-use Websites & Elements

Lecture 20 How To Copy & Paste Elements

Lecture 21 Basic Interactions & Animations

Section 5: Webflow Class Project: Building A Landing Page

Lecture 22 Landing Page Introduction

Lecture 23 Setting Up The Page

Lecture 24 Creating The Main Navigation

Lecture 25 Creating The Hero Section

Lecture 26 Creating The Logo Grid

Lecture 27 Creating The Intro Section

Lecture 28 Creating The Step Process Section

Lecture 29 Creating The Call To Action Section

Lecture 30 Creating The Footer

Lecture 31 Page Teaks

Lecture 32 Styling The Mobile Nav

Lecture 33 Making The Page Mobile Responsive

Lecture 34 Adding Interactions

Section 6: Final Thoughts

Lecture 35 Webflow To WordPress

Lecture 36 Thanks For Watching! Subscribe To My Youtube Channel For More!

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Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 48m | 5.12 GB
Created by: Sam Harrison

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