Webhooks with NET 5

Leverage the power of webhooks to enhance your solutions.
Webhooks with NET 5
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Webhooks with NET 5

What you’ll learn

What Webhooks are and how to build them using C# and .NET 5
How to build REST APIs using C# and .NET 5
Use JavaScript (and “fetch”) to make API Calls
How to create multiple HttpClients using HttpClient Factory in .NET
What RabbitMQ is and how you can use it to enhance your solutions
How to run SQL Server and RabbitMQ Servers with Docker Compose
How to add Dependency Injection to a basic .NET Console app
Automapper and Data Transfer Objects

Webhooks with NET 5


Working understanding of C# & .NET
Exposure to building REST APIs with C# & .NET (students can take my free course on YouTube)


In this hands-on, “no fluff / no filler” course we take a practical approach to building a working solution that uses Webhooks. We’ll cover some theory to start, but very quickly we jump into the practical step by step solution build which forms the vast majority of the course.During the build, we will create 3 separate .NET Projects to simulate a fictional airline and its travel-agent customers. This approach will give students a real-world grounding in the use of webhooks and the value they bring to industry. The projects we build are:Airline WebWebhook Registration REST APIFlight Details REST API – used to trigger webhook by publishing to RabbitMQ message busSimple HTML / JavaScript / Bootstrap Web Client to make webhook registration API callsAirline Send AgentStand alone “agent” used to send webhooks “en-mass”Dependency Injection enabledRabbitMQ Subscriber / Consumer with event based message deliveryUses HttpClient and HttpClientFactoryTravel Agent WebSimple Webhook POST EndpointUses SQL Server backend to retrieve webhook “secret” to authenticate webhooksWe also use Docker Compose to set up and run following solution fabric:RabbitMQ ServerMicrosoft SQL ServerStudents should be aware that we use VSCode as the development tool of choice, so students wanting to learn with Visual Studio should consider this carefully before purchasing.Source Code is downloadable as a Lecture Resource.Slideware is downloadable as a Lecture Resource


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Promo & Overview

Lecture 2 Welcome

Lecture 3 Demo of what you are going to build

Lecture 4 What Are Webhooks?

Lecture 5 Solution & Application Architecture

Lecture 6 Ingredients & Tooling

Lecture 7 Free API Course

Lecture 8 Source Code & Course Materials

Section 2: Environment Set Up

Lecture 9 A Word About .NET 5

Lecture 10 Airline Web Project Set Up

Lecture 11 Airline Send Agent Project Set Up

Lecture 12 Travel Agent Web Project Set Up

Lecture 13 Docker Compose: Set Up SQL Server & RabbitMQ

Lecture 14 Some Additional Docker Commands

Section 3: Webhook Registration API

Lecture 15 API Application Architecture

Lecture 16 Model & DB Context

Lecture 17 Connection String and Registering Our DB Context

Lecture 18 Migrating our Database

Lecture 19 Starting the Controller & Data Transfer Objects

Lecture 20 POST Endpoint Logic – Persisting Our Resource

Lecture 21 Finishing our Webhook Registration API

Lecture 22 Testing the Webhook Registration API

Section 4: Flight Details (Airline) API

Lecture 23 Flight Details Model

Lecture 24 Migrate Flight Detail Model

Lecture 25 Flight Detail Data Transfer Objects (DTOs)

Lecture 26 Flight Detail Controller

Lecture 27 Flight Detail DTO Profile

Lecture 28 Update (PUT) endpoint on Flights Controller

Section 5: Webhook Registration Page

Lecture 29 Static Files & HTML

Lecture 30 Adding JavaScript

Section 6: Travel Agent Webhook Endpoint

Lecture 31 Travel Agent Endpoint Build Part 1

Lecture 32 Creating Our POST Endpoint

Lecture 33 Testing the Endpoint

Section 7: Webhook Send Agent

Lecture 34 Overview of RabbitMQ

Lecture 35 Revisiting Our Flight Details API

Lecture 36 RabbitMQ Publishing Client

Lecture 37 Revisiting Flight Details PUT Endpoint

Lecture 38 Testing Price Change Logic and Message Bus Publishing

Lecture 39 Setting up Dependency Injection in a Console App

Lecture 40 RabbitMQ Event Listener

Lecture 41 Config Layer, Models and DB Context for Send Agent

Lecture 42 Data Transfer Objects for Send Agent

Lecture 43 HttpClient & HttpClientFactory

Lecture 44 Bringing it together – Finalizing the Send Agent

Lecture 45 End to End Testing the Send Agent

Lecture 46 Wrap Up & Thank You!

Students interested in learning more about what webhooks are, why you’d use them and how to start building them.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 33m | 3.79 GB
Created by: Les Jackson

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