WebServicesAPI Testing by SoapUI ReadyAPI Groovy 30hr

Detailed Groovy + Certification Coverage + Soapui tutorial, Rest API Testing, Soap UI Free & Pro
WebServicesAPI Testing by SoapUI ReadyAPI Groovy 30hr
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WebServicesAPI Testing by SoapUI ReadyAPI Groovy 30hr

What you’ll learn

Ready to work on real time Soap & REST API automation project
Able to implement SoapUI on your work place or will also get ready for High Paying API Testing Opportunity
Detailed understanding of WebServices/ API and its automation using SoapUI
Detailed understanding of Groovy Scripting and its implementation in SoapUI
Ready to work in SoapUI Free as well as Pro Version
Ready to develop reusable & maintainable framework for API Automation

WebServicesAPI Testing by SoapUI ReadyAPI Groovy 30hr


No Pre-requisite, We will teach groovy in this course which we will use as programming language for SoapUI


The only course in the Web World with 2 real time project of Webservices/API automation using SoapUI Tool.Only course on web which cover almost all advance topics,Xpath AssertionXQuery AssertionHandling CDataTestRunner objectMessageExchange ObjectXML HolderJSON ParserCertification preparationHTML MonitoringIntegration with ANT and JenkinsOn course completion You will be Expert in SOAP/ REST API Testing and can implement Successfully it in your work placeCourse is designed in such a way that the user does not required to have any prior understanding of groovy and SoapUIThis Course explains·What are the Webservices·How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI·Groovy Scripitng Concepts·How to Automate the Webservices Testcases in Soap UI with Groovy·Testing Resting API·Security Testing with Soap UI·DataBase Testing with Soap UI·How to Mock the webservicsBy the End of this Course you will able to understand the webservices specifications and write all kind of effective Manual and Automation testcases (Functional/Security/Data Base Testcases) to test them in Soap ui by using different features available on ToolCourse Coverage1.   Setup Sample Application for Practice2.   Setup SoapUI and ReadyAPI (SoapUI NG Pro)3.   Create Basic Requests (GET, POST,  PUT, DELETE)4.   Write End to End Test Cases5.   Add Assertions to Test Cases6,   Learn Different Steps in SoapUI Free and ReadyAPI7.   Learn Basic to Advance Groovy Scripting


Section 1: WebService Basics

Lecture 1 What is WebService

Lecture 2 Webservice Example

Lecture 3 *** SoapUI Course Architecture : Must for everyone..****

Lecture 4 Advantage of WebService over WebBased Application

Lecture 5 Difference between API and WebService

Lecture 6 Different type of Services : Soap & Rest

Lecture 7 MicroService Introduction

Section 2: Setup Environment

Lecture 8 Setup SoapUI Free version

Lecture 9 Setup SoapUI Pro version

Lecture 10 UDDI

Section 3: Jump into SoapUI

Lecture 11 What is SoapUI

Lecture 12 Free Soap Webservices

Lecture 13 SoapUI work hierarchy

Lecture 14 First Soap Test Case / Soap Request test step

Section 4: Work with REST API [Same Functionality in SOAPUI FREE and PRO]

Lecture 15 Different methods used in REST API

Lecture 16 First REST Test Case / Rest Request test step

Lecture 17 First REST Test Case : POST Request

Lecture 18 First REST Test Case : PUT Request

Lecture 19 First REST Test Case : DELETE Request

Lecture 20 End to End Scenario with multiple REST API

Lecture 21 Interview Questions

Section 5: Properties at different SoapUI Level | Variables

Lecture 22 Agenda of this Section

Lecture 23 Properties in SoapUI

Lecture 24 Operations on Properties

Lecture 25 Use Properties in TestCase

Lecture 26 [SoapUI-FREE] Property in SoapUI

Section 6: Test Steps in SoapUI

Lecture 27 Agenda of this Section

Lecture 28 Delay Test Step

Lecture 29 Groovy Script test step

Lecture 30 Property Test Step

Lecture 31 Manual test step

Lecture 32 Run Test Case test step

Lecture 33 Assertion Test Step

Section 7: Correlation : Fetch Data from Response and Use it in Request

Lecture 34 Fetch Dynamic Data and Use in Further Request

Section 8: Parametrization / Data Driver Test Cases

Lecture 35 Data Source – Data Source Loop using Grid

Lecture 36 Data Source – Data Source Loop using text file

Lecture 37 Data Source – Data Source Loop using excel file

Lecture 38 Data Sink step

Lecture 39 Data Source – Data Source Loop – Data Sink

Lecture 40 DataGen test step

Section 9: Assertions

Lecture 41 Assertion : Contains & Not Contains

Lecture 42 SLA Assertion

Lecture 43 Schema Assertion

Lecture 44 Soap Fault / Not Soap Fault Assertion

Section 10: Xpath and XQuery Assertion

Lecture 45 Xpath Assertion(Pro)

Lecture 46 Xpath Assertion – (SoapUI free version)

Lecture 47 XQuery assertion in SoapUI

Section 11: Validate REST API Response | JSON Response Validations

Lecture 48 Basics of JSON

Lecture 49 Json Path basics | Find Json Path

Lecture 50 Json Path Advance

Lecture 51 JSON ASSERTION : Json Path Count & Existence

Lecture 52 JSON ASSERTION : Json Path Match

Section 12: Groovy Programming – Basic to Advance

Lecture 53 Groovy coding environment setup

Lecture 54 Class and Objects

Lecture 55 Groovy Basics

Lecture 56 Groovy Programming Kickoff

Lecture 57 Programming Exercise – Number Swaping

Lecture 58 Groovy : Condition Handling

Lecture 59 Programming Exercise – Check Even Odd

Lecture 60 Programming Exercise – Grading System

Lecture 61 Groovy : Arrays

Lecture 62 Groovy: For Loop

Lecture 63 Groovy: While Loop

Lecture 64 Groovy : For Each Loop

Lecture 65 Programming Exercise – Prime Number

Lecture 66 Programming Exercise – Fabonnaci series

Lecture 67 Groovy : String Handling

Lecture 68 Programming Exercise – Reverse String

Lecture 69 Programming Exercise – Palendrome

Lecture 70 Groovy – Read data from file using FileReader

Lecture 71 Groovy : FileReader code in SoapUI

Lecture 72 Groovy – Read data from file using BufferedReader

Lecture 73 Groovy – Read data from file using BufferedReader in SoapUI

Lecture 74 Groovy: Data driven using excel(Part-1)

Section 13: Access SoapUI API

Lecture 75 Log & TestRunner object

Lecture 76 TestRunner object : Project object

Lecture 77 TestRunner object : TestSuite object

Lecture 78 TestRunner object : TestCase object

Lecture 79 Groovy : Set Property Value

Lecture 80 Groovy : Get Property Value

Lecture 81 Groovy : Skip Test Step execution

Lecture 82 Groovy : Run Test Step by groovy

Lecture 83 Groovy : Conditional execution of Test steps

Section 14: Service Mocking in SopaUI

Lecture 84 Soap Mock Service

Lecture 85 Service Mocking – Dynamic data

Section 15: Advance Concepts

Lecture 86 Add Requirements to Project

Lecture 87 Verify Coverage of Services

Lecture 88 Setup Environment : In case of different execution environment

Lecture 89 Setup Script : Execute code at initial

Lecture 90 Tear Down Script : Execute code at end

Lecture 91 Composite Project : Create Shareable project

Lecture 92 Debugging

Lecture 93 Http Monitoring

Section 16: Database Connectivity in SoapUI

Lecture 94 JDBC test step

Lecture 95 JDBC Builder

Lecture 96 JDBC : Validate & Reuse data

Lecture 97 JDBC connectiond at project level

Lecture 98 Jdbc connection : SoapUI free

Lecture 99 JDBC driver reference page

Lecture 100 Database connectivity using groovy

Section 17: Reporting in SoapUI

Lecture 101 SoapUI Integration with ANT | Generate html report in SoapUI(Free version)

Lecture 102 Pdf report soapUI pro

Lecture 103 Junit report

Section 18: Non Functional Testing

Lecture 104 Load Test Case

Lecture 105 Security Test Case

Section 19: Command prompt execution

Lecture 106 Run functional suite from command prompt

Lecture 107 Run load test suite from command prompt

Lecture 108 Run security test suite from command prompt

Section 20: Handle Response data using groovy

Lecture 109 Context object

Lecture 110 GroovyUtils Class

Lecture 111 MessageExchange object

Lecture 112 SoapUI: XMLHolder

Lecture 113 TestRunner object : fetch step response

Lecture 114 JsonSlurper object : Handle json response

Lecture 115 Handling CData

Section 21: Correlation : Fetch Data from Response and Use it in Request – FREE Version

Lecture 116 Fetch Dynamic Data and Use in Further Request in SoapUI Free

Section 22: Certification Preparation

Lecture 117 Certification basics

Lecture 118 SoapUI Architecture-1

Lecture 119 SoapUI Architecture-2

Section 23: Function Library

Lecture 120 Reusable Script Library – Part 1

Lecture 121 Reusable Script Library – Part 2

Lecture 122 Reusable Script Library – Part 3

Section 24: Code Management using Git & GitHub

Lecture 123 Git & GitHub Introduction

Lecture 124 Setup Git and GitHub

Lecture 125 Configure GIT with Username and Email

Lecture 126 Create Local Repository

Lecture 127 Commit Code to Local Repository

Lecture 128 Undo Files from Stage to Untrack

Lecture 129 Check and Discard Changes

Lecture 130 Push Code to Remote Repository

Lecture 131 Clone Repository

Lecture 132 End to End Code Management in SoapUI

Section 25: Integration with Jenkins

Lecture 133 SoapUI Integration with Jenkins – Setup Jenkins

Lecture 134 Running testcase from command prompt before integrating with jenkins

Lecture 135 Running testcase from Jenkins

Section 26: Rest Service Testing – Sample Project – JIRA

Lecture 136 Setup Jira for REST API testing

Lecture 137 Create Rest Project | Suite | Case

Lecture 138 More Steps in Rest Service Automation

Section 27: Project : Soap & Rest

Lecture 139 Soap Project-1 : Country Information(Part-1)

Lecture 140 Soap Project-1 : Conditionally execution of Smoke Suite(Part-2)

Lecture 141 Soap Project-1 :Execute project from command prompt(Part-3)

Lecture 142 JSON Basic understanding

Lecture 143 Rest Project 2 : Jira Rest API- Create Issue

Lecture 144 Rest Project 2 : Jira Rest API- Update/ View/ Delete

Lecture 145 Fetch Json Path – Part 1

Lecture 146 Fetch Json Path – Part 2

Lecture 147 JIRA API used

Lecture 148 All Jira API

Section 28: Learn Ready API (ReadyAPI) : SoapUI NG Pro

Lecture 149 Ready API setup(SoapUI NG Pro) Introduction

Lecture 150 Setup ReadyAPI on Windows Machine

Lecture 151 Hierarchy to Work in ReadAPI

Lecture 152 Write First SOAP Test Case

Lecture 153 Write First REST Test Case

Lecture 154 First REST Test Case / Rest Request test step – POST Method

Lecture 155 First REST Test Case using GET Method

Lecture 156 First REST Test Case using PUT Method

Lecture 157 First REST Test Case using DELETE Method

Lecture 158 Write End to End Test Case

Lecture 159 Request Chaining : Use Output data as Input

Section 29: Properties in ReadyAPI

Lecture 160 Define and Use Properties

Lecture 161 Different Levels to Apply Property

Lecture 162 Property – Manually Replace Property

Lecture 163 Perform Operations with Properties

Section 30: Add Validations to Test Case

Lecture 164 Assertions | Validate Status Code

Lecture 165 Contains and Not Contains

Lecture 166 Validate Response Time

Lecture 167 Assertion Use Case

Lecture 168 Assertion : HTTP Invalid Status Code

Lecture 169 Assertion : Validate Header

Lecture 170 Assertion : Sensitive Data

Lecture 171 Assertion : Message Content

Section 31: Enhance Test Case by adding some commonly used steps

Lecture 172 Add Pause in Test Case : Delay Test Step

Lecture 173 Perform manual task with automation : Manual Test Step

Lecture 174 Calling Test Cases : Run TestCase Test Step

Lecture 175 Write Programming : Groovy Test Step

Lecture 176 Wait for File Present : File Wait TestStep

Lecture 177 Create File TestStep

Lecture 178 Assertion Test Step

Lecture 179 DataGen Test Step

Lecture 180 Property Transfer Test Step

Lecture 181 What is Data Driven Testing | Data Source Test Step

Lecture 182 Execute Test Case with Multiple Data

Lecture 183 Save Response Data to File : Data Sink Test Step

Section 32: SoapUI/ ReadyAPI Certification

Lecture 184 SoapUI/ ReadyAPI Certification – Introduction

Lecture 185 SoapUI/ ReadyAPI Certification : Project Level Properties

Lecture 186 SoapUI/ ReadyAPI Certification : Test Case level Properties

Lecture 187 SoapUI/ ReadyAPI Certification : Video 4

Lecture 188 SoapUI/ ReadyAPI Certification : Video 5

Lecture 189 SoapUI/ ReadyAPI Certification : Video 6

Lecture 190 SoapUI/ ReadyAPI Certification : Video 7

Section 33: Complementary Videos : API Testing using Postman

Lecture 191 Postman Introduction

Lecture 192 Setup Postman

Lecture 193 Postman window walkthrough

Lecture 194 Setup Sample API Application for Practice

Lecture 195 Basic GET request : Fetch data from application

Lecture 196 Basic POST request : Insert New data to Application

Lecture 197 Basic PUT request : Update Data of Application

Lecture 198 Basic DELETE request : Delete application Data

Lecture 199 End to End test case with verifications

Lecture 200 Add Verification : Status Code, Body Data & Response time

Lecture 201 Validate Header Content

Lecture 202 Validate Data using JSON Path

Lecture 203 Add Student Address : Check Complex JSON

Lecture 204 Add Student Address : Validate JSON content using JSON Path

Lecture 205 What is collections & How to Implement Collection

Lecture 206 Save Request to Collections

Lecture 207 Common operation on Collection

Lecture 208 Collection Documentation

Lecture 209 Run Collection using Collection Runner

Section 34: Important Documents

Lecture 210 Data driven case using groovy- text file

Lecture 211 Data Sink – Groovy


Lecture 213 Running project from command prompt




Lecture 217 SoapUI Architecture

Lecture 218 Groovy- Read data from excel file

Lecture 219 Groovy- Read data from text file

Section 35: Programming Practice(Only if you covered groovy)

Lecture 220 Prog-1

Lecture 221 Prog-2

Lecture 222 Prog-3

Lecture 223 Prog-4

Lecture 224 Prog-5

Lecture 225 Prog-6

Lecture 226 Prog-7

Lecture 227 Programming Exercise – Triangle-1

Lecture 228 Programming Exercise – Triangle-2

Lecture 229 Programming Exercise – Triangle-3

Section 36: Basic SQL for JDBC test step

Lecture 230 SQL Basics

Lecture 231 Select Query Basics : Data Filteration

Lecture 232 Select – Where/ And / Or

Lecture 233 Select – In / Between

Lecture 234 Select – with data sorting

Lecture 235 Select – Unique data(Distinct)

Lecture 236 Select – Pattern matching(Like)

Lecture 237 Select Pattern Matching – Part 2

Lecture 238 Select – Group functions

Lecture 239 Select – Group By/Having

Lecture 240 Select – Groyo By + Having

Lecture 241 Select – SubQuery

Lecture 242 SQL Inner Join

Lecture 243 SQL Outer Join

Lecture 244 SQL – Right Join

Lecture 245 SQL Cross Join

Lecture 246 SQL Self Join

Lecture 247 SQL Delete records

Lecture 248 Constraint – Unique

Lecture 249 SQL – PrimaryKey

Lecture 250 SQL – Difference between Unique and Primary key

Lecture 251 Constraint – Not null

Lecture 252 Table creation

Lecture 253 Data Insert

Lecture 254 Data Update

Lecture 255 Index in SQL

Lecture 256 View in SQL

Lecture 257 Start Writing TestCase using SQL

Freshers looking for opportunity in Software Testing/ API Testing,Manual Testers Looking opportunity in API/ WebService Automation,Automation testers want to start work in SOAP and REST API automation using SoapUI,Any Profession, who are looking for career opportunity in API Testing using SoapUI

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 31h 7m | 12.83 GB
Created by: Automation World

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