Wind Energy Modeling Bootcamp Handson Python

All you need to know about wind energy, wind turbines and wind farm modeling Using Python
Wind Energy Modeling Bootcamp Handson Python
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Navid Shirzadi, Ph.D.


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Wind Energy Modeling Bootcamp Handson Python

What you’ll learn

Basic concepts of regarding wind energy and wind turbine
Wind power curve and power coefficient assessment
Wind distribution
How to model a single wind turbine using Python
What is wind farm and how to model a cluster of wind turbines using Python
Visualization and analyzing the results

Wind Energy Modeling Bootcamp Handson Python


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Wind Energy is one of the most famous renewable resources in the world. There are lots of tutorials out there regarding Wind Energy and Wind Turbines Modeling, however, most of them are not following a clear path, and they will confuse the students. Therefore, I decided to create this course to not only show you all the complicated terms and concepts about wind energy in simple terms but also teach you how to develop a wind turbine or a wind farm model for any location in any part of the world! Amazing right? In this course, you will learn:-The concepts of wind energy -The basics of wind turbine-Some basics about coding in Python-How to formulate a wind turbine model-How to write a python code to calculate the power output of a small-scale wind turbine-How to download wind speed and other related data from the Internet for any location-How to develop a practical model for single wind turbine power output-What is Wind Farm and how to develop a wind farm model in Python-How to visualize the resultsSince this course is designed for all levels (from beginner to advanced), we start from the beginning, we start every concept from the beginning, and code each model together in Python. Each line of code will be explained carefully.One thing that makes this course different from other courses is, by enrolling in this course, you don’t need any prerequisites since I even created even a complete tutorial to teach you the basics of the Python programming language that you need for this course before we start coding! Moreover, we don’t use ready codes, and together we get our hands dirty during the course to write all the codes! This course is designed in a way to make you from zero to hero and after taking this course, you will be able to:`Download, visualize, and analyze the wind speed data for any location in the world! Visualize the power curve of the downloaded data  Create a wind turbine model considering all the real-life parametersCreating a practical wind farm model


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Content

Lecture 2 What is Wind?

Lecture 3 Wind Energy and Introduction to Wind Turbines

Lecture 4 Wind Turbine Types

Lecture 5 Wind Farm Definition

Section 2: A Single Wind Turbine Power Output

Lecture 6 Wind Power Formula

Lecture 7 Betz Law

Lecture 8 Power Curve and Power Coefficient

Lecture 9 Wind Speed Data

Lecture 10 Note!

Lecture 11 Why Google Colab?

Lecture 12 Google Colab Environment

Lecture 13 Code Resource

Lecture 14 Important Note!

Lecture 15 Creating a Simple Single Turbine Model – Part1

Lecture 16 Creating a Simple Single Turbine Model – Part2

Lecture 17 Power Curve Visualization

Section 3: Wind Distribution Function

Lecture 18 Introduction to Weibull Distribution

Lecture 19 Weibull Distribution in Python

Lecture 20 Visualization

Section 4: Wind Turbine Modeling – Single Wind Turbine

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Temperature/Density Sub-Models

Lecture 23 Wind Speed Model

Lecture 24 Modeling Single Wind Turbine in Python – Part1

Lecture 25 Modeling Single Wind Turbine in Python – Part2

Section 5: Wind Farm Modeling

Lecture 26 Introduction

Lecture 27 Wind Farm Modeling In Python – Part1

Lecture 28 Wind Farm Modeling in Python – Part 2

Section 6: Python Learning Section

Lecture 29 Variables and Methods

Lecture 30 Math Operators

Lecture 31 Assignment Operators

Lecture 32 Comparison Operators

Lecture 33 Logical Operators

Lecture 34 Conditional Statement

Lecture 35 Loop

Lecture 36 List

Lecture 37 Dictionary

Lecture 38 Tuple

Lecture 39 for loop

Lecture 40 Range Function

Section 7: Bonus!

Lecture 41 Bonus Lecture

Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineers,Students who wants to use Python for their research projects,Researchers in Renewable Energy area,Anybody which is interested in wind energy and wind turbine modeling,A beginner in wind energy and python which want to learn both!

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Udemy | English | 5h 58m | 2.56 GB
Created by: Navid Shirzadi, Ph.D.

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