Windows Server 2019 Active Directory GPO R Server Access

Training For Beginners – Become a Network Administrator in Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with Remote Server Access!
Windows Server 2019 Active Directory GPO R Server Access
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Windows Server 2019 Active Directory GPO R Server Access

What you’ll learn

To be a network administrator
Learn how to administer Windows Server 2019 from the beginning
Create and use virtual machines and virtual laboratory
Install and configure Windows Server 2019
Understand what a domain is and how to create one using Active Directory
Create, edit, lock and change domain users password using Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO)
Block computer access, limit logon times, and prohibit program execution using Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO)
Map domain folders and printers using Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO)
Create and edit Group Policies (GPO)
Perform automatic installation of programs such as Microsoft Office 365 for all domain users
Create and edit security policies through Active Directory and Group Policies
Block the execution of potentially dangerous programs via Group Policies
Audit logons and shared files
Administer the server from your home office, or any other place in the world, with remote server access

Windows Server 2019 Active Directory GPO R Server Access


***No prior knowledge*** of Windows Server 2012 or 2016 is required for this course.


Upon completing this training for beginners you will be able to undertake the following projects with Windows Server 2019:Create and use virtual machinesInstall Microsoft Windows Server 2019Create a Windows domainInstall and configure a domain controller using Active DirectoryCreate and organize objects such as users, organizational units, user groups, computers, and printers using Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO)Block certain users from using computers on the network using Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO)Determine which day and time users can login using Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO)Map folders automatically using Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO)Create and manage group policies (GPO) of station users to restrict certain actions that may pose potential security risks, such as blocking access to the task manager, restricting access to certain folders, disabling the download of executable files.Remote Server AccessAudit logons and shared filesWhy were these topics chosen to be covered in this Windows Server 2019 course?So you, the network administrator, will learn the most frequently used functions of day to day use for Windows Server 2019 with the Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO) applications with remote server access.2019 is the latest Microsoft Windows Server operating system available.Knowing how to use Active Directory as well as creating and editing group policies (GPO) for users in Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with remote server access is essential knowledge for any network administrator, or for a future network administrator if you’re looking for a job in this area.And if you’re already employed, this course will give you the tools you need to pursue a better position at your current job.Would you like to learn Windows Server 2019 fast and implement your knowledge immediately?From the very first class in this – Windows Server 2019 training for beginners – course you, the network administrator, will learn theory with step by step hands-on labs.That means you will not lose time with endless theoretical explanations.Do you need a college degree to understand the course content?This Windows Server 2019 course is very easy to follow.A “simple is sophisticated”, user friendly, teaching style is used.At most, you might need to pause a video to execute the same command on your computer and then click play again.If you have any questions while doing this Windows Server 2019 course…Just post your question(s) in the Q&A section. All of your questions are always answered as quickly as possible.Remember…You have a 30-day money back guarantee from Udemy, so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.Start this Windows Server 2019 course and your journey as a network administrator today!


Section 1: Basic Settings

Lecture 1 Programs and files needed

Lecture 2 Contacts

Lecture 3 Creating a virtual machine

Lecture 4 Installing Windows Server 2019

Lecture 5 Guest additions software

Lecture 6 Installing Windows 10

Lecture 7 Initial server setup

Section 2: Active Directory

Lecture 8 Differences between Workgroups and Domains

Lecture 9 Installing Active Directory

Lecture 10 Understanding Domain Structure

Lecture 11 Creating a new forest

Lecture 12 Creating organizational units

Lecture 13 Creating a new domain user

Lecture 14 Adding a computer to the domain

Lecture 15 Removing the local user

Lecture 16 Password without complexity

Lecture 17 Password without complexity applied to a user group

Lecture 18 Active Directory Recycle Bin

Lecture 19 Creating users via PowerShell

Lecture 20 Creating a large number of users via csv file

Lecture 21 Restricting logon at specific times and days

Lecture 22 Restricting Logon to Computers

Lecture 23 Mapping Shared Folders

Lecture 24 Mapping the Personal Folder

Lecture 25 Startup script

Lecture 26 Adding a New Server to the Domain

Lecture 27 Additional Domain Controller

Lecture 28 If the domain controller goes down, the second one automatically takes over?

Section 3: Group Policy (GPO)

Lecture 29 GPO – Introduction

Lecture 30 Folder Mapping via GPO

Lecture 31 Private Mapping

Lecture 32 Disallow / Allow Control Panel Access

Lecture 33 Disable GPO for Administrators and / or User Groups

Lecture 34 Custom wallpaper

Lecture 35 Account lockout and security policies

Lecture 36 Creating local folders and copying files

Lecture 37 Mapping printers via GPO

Lecture 38 Deny logon locally

Lecture 39 GPO software installation

Lecture 40 How to know if group policies have been applied correctly?

Lecture 41 Differentiating Installations Between Operating Systems and Architectures

Lecture 42 Performing installations using external software

Lecture 43 Installing Libre Office via PDQ Deploy

Lecture 44 Installing Office 365: Downloading the Installation Files

Lecture 45 Installing Office 365: Creating the Scripts for Installation

Lecture 46 Installing Office 365: Performing GPO Installation (32-BIT)

Lecture 47 Installing Office 365: Performing GPO Installation (64-BIT)

Lecture 48 Example of installing Office 365 via PDQ Deploy

Lecture 49 Applocker

Lecture 50 Disabling Task Manager Access

Lecture 51 Group Policy Objects

Lecture 52 Group Policy Backup

Lecture 53 Restore Group Policies

Section 4: Admin Center / RSAT / Remote Access / Audit

Lecture 54 Installing Windows Admin Center

Lecture 55 Using Windows Admin Center

Lecture 56 RSAT

Lecture 57 Remote access

Lecture 58 Remote Access via Microsoft Remote Desktop App.

Lecture 59 Delegation

Lecture 60 Login / Logout Audit

Lecture 61 File Auditing

Section 5: Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Lecture 62 Setting Date and Time for Updates

Lecture 63 Installing a new Virtual Disk

Lecture 64 Installing Windows Server Update Services

Lecture 65 Configuring Windows Server Update Services

Lecture 66 Creating the GPO for intranet updates

Section 6: File Server

Lecture 67 Creating disk space usage quotas

Lecture 68 File Screening

Lecture 69 Storage Reports

Lecture 70 Scheduled Report

Lecture 71 DFS Namespace

Lecture 72 DFS Replication

Lecture 73 Testing Replication

Lecture 74 Creating a backup of files and folders

Lecture 75 Restoring backup

Lecture 76 Server Backup

Lecture 77 Full Server Restore

Section 7: Web Server (IIS) / DNS

Lecture 78 Web Server (IIS) instalation

Lecture 79 Configuring the site files

Lecture 80 DNS pointer record

Lecture 81 New DNS Primary Zone

Lecture 82 More than one site per web server

Lecture 83 Reverse DNS

Lecture 84 Forwarders

Section 8: Mail Server

Lecture 85 .NET Framework instalation

Lecture 86 Hmail instalation

Lecture 87 Creating email accounts

Lecture 88 Firewall settings

Lecture 89 Testing the email server

Section 9: DHCP

Lecture 90 Introduction and installation

Lecture 91 Creating a scope

Lecture 92 Contacts

Aspiring Windows Server network administrators.,Someone who wants to get their first job in IT.,Someone who wants to add highly paid skills to their resume.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 53m | 1.54 GB
Created by: Denilson Bonatti

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