Windows Server 2019 Training for Beginners

Learn what’s new with Server 2019, setup a lab environment, learn about windows domains and much more!
Windows Server 2019 Training for Beginners
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Windows Server 2019 Training for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Create a Windows Server 2019 based Virtualized Lab with VirtualBox
Install and configure Windows Server 2019 (Desktop Experience and Core)
Understand the new features offered for Windows Server 2019
Understand the different Windows Server 2019 licensing options
Define Windows Server 2019 System Requirements
Upgrade Paths to Windows Server 2019
Learn about Active Directory Forests, Domains and Trees
Install the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Server Role

Windows Server 2019 Training for Beginners


Internet Connectivity
A 64bit Laptop / Computer with at least 4GB of RAM


This introductory course is designed to give you a solid foundation and understanding of Windows Server 2019.In this course you will learn about the following topics:Windows Server 2019 system requirementsWhat’s new in Server 2019Licensing optionsHow to setup your own IT lab with Server 2019How to install Windows Server 2019 (desktop experience and server core)How to complete basic Server 2019 configurations with both the GUI and server CoreHow to upgrade Windows Server 2019What are domain forests, domains and treesActive Directory Domain Services basicsHow to install the AD DS server roleMUCH more!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Instructor Introduction

Lecture 2 How to take this course!

Section 2: About Windows Server 2019

Lecture 3 Windows Server 2019 Requirements

Lecture 4 Whats New in Windows Server 2019

Lecture 5 Windows Server 2019 Licensing Options

Lecture 6 Replacement Server 2019 Download Link

Lecture 7 Downloading Windows Server 2019

Section 3: Create Your Windows Server 2019 Virtualized IT Lab

Lecture 8 Should you watch this section?

Lecture 9 What are Virtual Machines?

Lecture 10 Downloading and Installing VirtualBox

Lecture 11 Creating your Virtual Network

Lecture 12 Creating your Virtual Machine

Section 4: Installing Windows Server 2019

Lecture 13 Performing a clean installation of Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience

Lecture 14 Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions on Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience

Lecture 15 Basic Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience Configuration

Lecture 16 Assignment: Create a new VM and Install Windows Server 2019 Core Edition

Lecture 17 Basic Windows Server 2019 Core Configuration

Lecture 18 Installing Windows Server 2019 Roles and Features on Desktop Experience

Lecture 19 Installing Roles and Features on Server 2019 Core with Powershell

Section 5: Upgrading to Windows Server 2019

Lecture 20 Upgrade Paths and Pre-upgrade Checklists

Lecture 21 Upgrading Desktop Experience from Windows Server 2016 to 2019

Section 6: Building a Windows Domain with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

Lecture 22 Forests, Trees and Domains

Lecture 23 Active Directory Domain Services Fundamentals

Lecture 24 Installing the Active Directory Domain Services Role

Lecture 25 Assignment: Join a Server Core instance to a Windows Domain

Lecture 26 Assignment Solution: Joining Server Core to a Windows Domain

Section 7: Course Conclusion

Lecture 27 How to get your certificate of completion

Lecture 28 Bonus Lecture

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Udemy | English | 2h 19m | 827.50 MB
Created by: Paul Hill

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