WooCommerce Complete Guide Set Up an eCommerce Store

Master WooCommerce & set up your own eCommerce store online to accept PayPal, credit cards, and more.
WooCommerce Complete Guide Set Up an eCommerce Store
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WooCommerce Complete Guide Set Up an eCommerce Store

What you’ll learn

Understand the role of WooCommerce in the creation of an eCommerce store.
Learn to install WordPress and WooCommerce on a web host, or your own computer.
The limitations of the Gutenberg editor and why I recommend Elementor.
You’ll get a full Elementor primer to get you up and started with Elementor.
Build an eCommerce store using WooCommerce and WordPress.
The different types of products you can add to your store – simple, variable, grouped, affiliate/external, downloadable, and intangible.
How WooCommerce can be used for physical products, affiliate products, services, etc.
How to use categories, tags & attributes with your products for a better user experience.
How to use Upsells and cross sells.
Configure WooCommerce to create the site you want.
How to configure tax settings in WooCommerce.
How to setup shipping.
How to set up payment methods to accept Paypal, credit cards and more.
How to create different types of coupons that you can offer your customers for some or all of your products.
How to handle account privacy with WooCommerce and WordPress.
How to check (and fix) your site on mobile devices.
You’ll learn about a number of third-party addons for WooCommerce to add a stack of exciting features to your store.
You’ll be able to watch over my shoulder as I build an eCommerce store for my photography hobby.
You’ll get a complete reference section showing every WooCommerce setting and what they all do.

WooCommerce Complete Guide Set Up an eCommerce Store


You should have a basic working knowledge of WordPress.
You should be interested in building an online store, whether for physical products, affiliate products, services, or drop shipping.


This is a complete course on how to build an eCommerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce.  We start at “A” and end with “Z” with no steps missed.  The only experience I assume is that you are familiar with WordPress.The course is split up into several sections.Section 1. Introduction. In this section, I’ll introduce myself as your instructor, and WooCommerce as the tool of choice.  I’ll then give you a tour of the site we’ll be building in the course.  Both lectures in this section have preview turned on, so you can take a sneak peek now if you want to.Section 2. WordPress.This section is there to get you started quickly with WordPress.  We’ll cover install on a web host as well as an installation on your own computer if you prefer to follow the course without the expense of a web host and domain name.  I’ll also cover a couple of important plugins I recommend you install to keep your site safe.Section 3. The WooCommerce Plugin.This section introduces you to WooCommerce and its popularity as an eCommerce site building plugin.  We’ll look at market share, then install and get it set up ready for your store.Section 4. WordPress Page Editor.This section looks at the default WordPress editor called Gutenberg and its limitations for this type of site.  I’ll introduce Elementor as the knight on the white horse, sweeping in to fix your problems, and I’ll give you an Elementor primer, complete with the Box Model knowledge you need to make the most of the design options you’ll have with Elementor.Section 5. Adding Products.This section will take you through all of the different types of products you can add to your store, such as Simple, Variable, Affiliate, Grouped, Downloadable, etc.  We’ll discuss the need for categories and tags, as well as how to define attributes that can then be assigned to your products.  We’ll end the section with a look at Upsells and Cross-sells.Section 6. Creating the eCommerce Store.With all the knowledge we’ve gained so far, we are now ready to build an eCommerce store.  Watch over my shoulder as I build a fictional web store for my photography hobby.  We’ll cover important topics like:Privacy page, terms, contact, etc.Adding the products.  I’ll provide the product database I used in this course and instructions on how to import them into your own demo site so you can follow along with me, if you want.We’ll set up taxes.We’ll set up shipping.We’ll set up PayPal and credit card processing for the site.We’ll design a custom header and footer for the site.We’ll create a custom homepage with a unique header using Elementor.We’ll cover the options for customising your shop, including the shop page, product page, basket, account and checkout pages.We’ll discuss credibility and some things you should have visible on your site.We’ll then go through the options for making the store mobile-friendly using both the WordPress customizer and Elementor.Section 7. Extras.This section looks at several third-party addons for WooCommerce which will add some brilliant features to your store.Section 8. WooCommerce Reference.This section is a one-stop reference section.  It goes through all the settings in WooCommerce to show you what they all do.  If you want to know what something does, find the relevant lecture in this reference section and it should answer your question.  Let me know if it doesn’t.By the end of this course, you will be confident (and competent) with WooCommerce and can build just about any type of eCommerce store for yourself or clients.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Instructor and the Course

Lecture 2 The Site we’ll Build

Section 2: WordPress

Lecture 3 Where to install WordPress?

Lecture 4 SSL Importance to eCommerce

Lecture 5 Hosting & Install Help

Lecture 6 Local Install

Lecture 7 WordPress Dashboard

Lecture 8 Backup UpdraftPlus

Lecture 9 Security Plugins

Section 3: The WooCommerce Plugin

Lecture 10 MarketShare of WooCommerce

Lecture 11 3rd party WooCommerce Plugins

Lecture 12 Installing WooCommerce

Lecture 13 What WooCommerce Takes Care of

Lecture 14 WooCommerce in the Dashboard

Lecture 15 Initial Settings

Lecture 16 Themes

Section 4: WordPress Page Editor

Lecture 17 Gutenberg Limitations

Lecture 18 The solution? Elementor!

Lecture 19 Elementor Works With the Theme

Lecture 20 Box Model

Lecture 21 Layouts with sections, columns and elements

Lecture 22 Elements

Lecture 23 Properties

Lecture 24 More Info on Elementor

Section 5: Adding Products

Lecture 25 About this section

Lecture 26 Auto Import Tools

Lecture 27 Categories

Lecture 28 Tags

Lecture 29 Simple Products

Lecture 30 Attributes

Lecture 31 Variable Products

Lecture 32 Affiliate Products

Lecture 33 Downloadable Products

Lecture 34 Grouped Products

Lecture 35 Upsells & Cross sells

Section 6: Creating the eCommerce Store

Lecture 36 Emails

Lecture 37 Legal Pages

Lecture 38 Contact and About Us

Lecture 39 Adding the Products

Lecture 40 Instructions for Importing Course Products

Lecture 41 Taxes

Lecture 42 Shipping

Lecture 43 Default Payment Methods

Lecture 44 Accept Paypal Payments

Lecture 45 Accept Credit Cards

Lecture 46 Deactivate Cache

Lecture 47 Header

Lecture 48 Footer

Lecture 49 PAGE DESIGN – Homepage Header

Lecture 50 PAGE DESIGN – Homepage – Part 1

Lecture 51 PAGE DESIGN – Homepage – Part 2

Lecture 52 PAGE DESIGN – Shop

Lecture 53 PAGE DESIGN – Product

Lecture 54 PAGE DESIGN – Basket, Account, Checkout

Lecture 55 Change Shop Button Colours

Lecture 56 Credibility & Legal Menu

Lecture 57 Product Reviews

Lecture 58 Responsive Design – Customizer

Lecture 59 Responsive Design – Elementor

Section 7: Extras

Lecture 60 Using Coupons

Lecture 61 Load More Products Plugin

Lecture 62 Wishlist

Lecture 63 Swatches

Lecture 64 Sticky Widget for Sidebar Cart?

Lecture 65 WooLentor

Lecture 66 WooCommerce Customizer

Section 8: WooCommerce Reference

Lecture 67 WooCommerce Interface

Lecture 68 WooCommerce – Home

Lecture 69 WooCommerce – Orders

Lecture 70 WooCommerce – Customers

Lecture 71 WooCommerce – Settings – General

Lecture 72 WooCommerce – Settings – Products

Lecture 73 WooCommerce – Settings – Tax Settings

Lecture 74 WooCommerce – Settings – Shipping

Lecture 75 WooCommerce – Settings – Payments

Lecture 76 WooCommerce – Settings – Account & Privacy

Lecture 77 WooCommerce – Settings – Emails

Lecture 78 WooCommerce – Settings – Integration

Lecture 79 WooCommerce – Settings – Advanced

Lecture 80 Products Menu & Add New

Lecture 81 Products – Categories

Lecture 82 Products – Tags

Lecture 83 Products – Attributes

Lecture 84 Products – Reviews

Lecture 85 Analytics Menu

Lecture 86 Analytics – Settings

Lecture 87 Analytics – Overview

Lecture 88 Analytics – Products

Lecture 89 Analytics – Revenue

Lecture 90 Analytics – Orders

Lecture 91 Analytics – Variations

Lecture 92 Analytics – Categories

Lecture 93 Analytics – Coupons

Lecture 94 Analytics – Taxes

Lecture 95 Analytics – Downloads

Lecture 96 Analytics – Stock

Lecture 97 Marketing – Overview

Lecture 98 Marketing – Coupons

Section 9: And Finally…

Lecture 99 Bonus Lecture

Entrepreneurs or people tasked with building an online store for physical, downloadable, affiliate, or drop shipping products.,Anyone wanting to learn how an eCommerce store is built online.

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Udemy | English | 9h 33m | 8.61 GB
Created by: Andrew Williams

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