WordPress Tutorial How To Build A WordPress Website

How To Install Wordpress On Your Doman And How To Create Basic Pages.
Wordpress Tutorial How To Build A Wordpress Website
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Simon From Scotland


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WordPress Tutorial How To Build A WordPress Website

What you’ll learn

How To Build A WordPress Website and Add Basic Pages.

Wordpress Tutorial How To Build A WordPress Website


Learn How To Create A WordPress Website.
Learn About Plugins And How To Use Them.
Learn How To Create Basic Pages You Will Need For Your Website.
Learn How To Secure Your Website From Hackers.


In This, Amazing, Training Course. I Will Show You How  To Build A WordPress Website,from start to finish.We Start With Choosing A Domain name and, I explain Why This Is Important.Then We Move On To Hosting And I Explain  What Hosting Provider Is The Best One To Use ForA WordPress Website.Then The Fun Begins And I Show You How Easy It Is To Install WordPress !I Then Show You How To Install A WordPress Theme and Show YouHow To Edit your Sidebar.Also Show You How To Create Images For Your Website That Look Amazing.This Course Is Very Easy To Understand And Does Not Use  Complicated TermsVery Straight forwards Step By Step Instructions.This Course Is Designed For Anyone Wanting To Build A Website, from Scratch.Who Is The Tutor ?Simon Colhoun is a self taught Internet Marketer, with over 10 years experience of  Internet Marketing.He has taken all the concepts that do not work and ditched them !He kept all the stuff that does work and created fun engaging coursesthat are easy to learn and understand.The best part is that Simon is sharing the exact methodsthat he uses to build many streams of income, and sharing them with you.Simon  is passionate about learning, teaching and helpingpeople become financially free from the constraints of regularemployment.Simon is from Scotland. And resides there !


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 How This Course Works

Section 2: WordPress Setup From Start To finish.

Lecture 2 Buying A Domain Name

Lecture 3 Hosting

Lecture 4 Nameservers DNS Settings

Lecture 5 Installing WordPress

Lecture 6 Choosing A WordPress Theme

Lecture 7 Contact Page/ Form

Lecture 8 Editing The Sidebar

Lecture 9 Adding and Configuring An Opt In Form.

Lecture 10 Legal Pages

Section 3: Plugins

Lecture 11 Installing Plugins.

Lecture 12 Social Buttons.

Anyone Who Is Curious About Learning To Use WordPress and Build A Website.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 0m | 1.62 GB
Created by: Simon From Scotland

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