Write Like a Boss Master Your Business Writing Skills

How to write better emails and proposals, save valuable time, and develop powerful written communication skills.
Write Like a Boss Master Your Business Writing Skills
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Elizabeth Goins, Ph.D.


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Write Like a Boss Master Your Business Writing Skills

What you’ll learn

Save time and reduce uncertainty by using a 3-step writing process.
Analyze what your audience wants, needs, and expects from emails, reports, and proposals.
Write emails that demonstrate your emotional intelligence.
Persuade audiences with different types of evidence and well-organized reports and proposals.
Write emails, reports, and proposals that are clear, concise, and easy to read.
Reflect on your business writing skills, set goals, and plan for continuous improvement.

Write Like a Boss Master Your Business Writing Skills


A computer
A pen/pencil and notepad
A basic understanding of English grammar


Are you ready to take your business writing to the next level…the boss level? Writing like a boss means writing like a leader. Companies want leaders with power skills like written communication, emotional intelligence, and persuasion — and these are the skills you’ll learn about in this course!If you want to…Craft emails that get responsesPersuade different audiences with research-proven strategiesImprove the clarity and conciseness of your writingEvaluate your writing habits, strengths, and weaknessesMake your writing shine and your readers smile…then this course is for you!I’m your instructor, Dr. Elizabeth Goins. I have a PhD in communication, years of professional editing experience, and a genuine love for writing since childhood. Communication has truly transformed my life and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping students like you.I’ve been teaching business writing at the university-level for 10 years and have helped thousands of learners become more confident writers. I also run a successful coaching and consulting business where I help companies and executives from all over the world. My strategies are based on the latest communication research and practical business experience, and I love making writing fun for my learners.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM TAKING THIS COURSEWrite Like a Boss: Master Your Business Writing Skills is full of valuable tips, tools, and strategies for writing effective emails, reports, and proposals at work.I’ll walk you through the fundamentals of written business communication using research-proven strategies, interesting examples, and useful exercises to test your knowledge and improve your skills. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to:Analyze and persuade different audiences successfullyWrite with more confidence, clarity, and impact at work (and in life)Apply valuable tips for taking your writing to the next level.STUDENT TESTIMONIALS”Amazing course, clear and precise – thank you Elizabeth.””A really great course for such a short time. Compact, to the point and I really feel it has helped me improve in this area. Thank you!””This is a good course, more than I expected. Taught me a lot about my writing. I realized I have to think about everything I write in order to engage the reader.””This course provided me with a lot of great tips to incorporate into my writing. I tend to be overly wordy in emails so the ‘turn phrases into words’ game is super helpful for me! Elizabeth also made the course fun and enjoyable to watch.””Overall, I found this course very helpful. Now onto setting goals and practicing! #timetowritelikeaboss”HOW THIS COURSE IS STRUCTUREDSection One: IntroductionEmbrace writing as a power skillLearn about the 4 different writing personalitiesDiscover your own writing personality, and how it’s helping or holding you backTap into different personalities to write successfullySection Two: The 3Ps Writing ProcessSave time and reduce uncertainty around writingAnalyze your context, purpose, and audience before writingGet over writer’s block and start writingOrganize your messages strategicallyPolish your writing to make it shineSection Three: Writing Emails That Get ResponsesLearn when you should (and shouldn’t) use email to communicateShow emotional intelligence in your writing like a leaderAdapt to your audience’s communication preferencesHelp your reader respond and gain credibilitySection Four: Writing Reports & Proposals That Persuade Use different types of evidence to persuade readersEarn buy-in and promote action from your audienceShow and tell your audience why they should care about your ideasApply a research-proven framework for organizing your persuasive messagesSection Five: Tactical Strategies for Next-Level WritingWrite clearer and more concise sentences and paragraphsSave your audience time and energy Make your audience want to read your messagesWrite professional-looking, visually appealing emails, reports, and proposalsDiagnose your writing strengths and opportunities for growthSection Six: Now What? 3 Keys to Progress Turn the knowledge you’ve gained from this course into actionUse practice, feedback, and goals to continue growing as a boss writerCreate a specific plan for keeping the momentum goingARE YOU READY TO WRITE LIKE A BOSS? Join me and I’ll show you how!CPE (Continuing Professional Education)Learning ObjectivesDescribe a simple 3-step writing process to save time and reduce anxiety.Identify ways to analyze what your audience wants, needs, and expects from emails.Name the techniques to persuade different audiences with written reports and proposals.Explain how to write emails that demonstrate your emotional intelligence and cultural awareness.Name the techniques to persuade audiences with different types of evidence and well-organized reports and proposals.Explain how to write emails, reports, and proposals that are clear, concise, and easy to read.Describe how to reflect on your business writing skills, set goals, and plan for continuous improvement.For additional information including refunds and complaints, please see Udemy Terms of Use, which is linked from the footer of this page.For more information regarding administrative policies, please contact our support using the Help and Support link at the bottom of this page.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Activity: What’s Your Writing Personality?

Section 2: The 3Ps Writing Process

Lecture 3 Introduction

Lecture 4 Step 1: Planning

Lecture 5 Step 2: Producing

Lecture 6 Step 3: Polishing

Lecture 7 Activity: The 3Ps Checklist

Section 3: Writing Emails That Get Responses

Lecture 8 Introduction

Lecture 9 Show Your EQ

Lecture 10 Reflect Like a Mirror

Lecture 11 Make it Easy

Section 4: Writing Reports & Proposals That Persuade

Lecture 12 Introduction

Lecture 13 Provide 3 Types of Evidence

Lecture 14 Illustrate the “So What” Factor

Lecture 15 Engage & Motivate the Reader

Section 5: Tactical Strategies for Next-Level Writing

Lecture 16 Introduction

Lecture 17 Keep it Short & Simple

Lecture 18 Remember Time is Money

Lecture 19 Invite the Reader

Section 6: Now What? 3 Keys to Progress

Lecture 20 Now What? 3 Keys to Progress

Lecture 21 Activity: Goal Setting & Action Planning

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 22 Congratulations!

Business leaders who want to write with confidence, clarity, and impact at work (and in life),Managers who want to improve their communications with coworkers, customers, and clients,Individual contributors and creatives who want to help their teams and organizations by writing effective messages,This course *is not* targeted for students who want to take a deep-dive into strategies for writing marketing copy, PR, grants, technical writing, or other *specific* genres of business writing

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Created by: Elizabeth Goins, Ph.D.

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