Writing With Confidence Writing Beginner To Writing Pro

Pro copywriter/Cambridge University writing teacher reveals the secrets for writing blogs and business docs that enthral
Writing With Confidence Writing Beginner To Writing Pro
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Writing With Confidence Writing Beginner To Writing Pro

What you’ll learn

Find your voice as a business writer, blogger or writer of other non-fiction
Transform writing from dull to dazzling – within the first 10 mins of the course
Uncover the secret persuasion tactics known only to the world’s top copywriters
Create musical sentences that readers can’t resist
Craft addictively readable text that keeps readers glued to the page
Discover a wealth of free online tools to take your writing to the next level

Writing With Confidence Writing Beginner To Writing Pro


A basic grasp of English
Pen and notebook
A willingness to roll up your sleeves and put into practice what you’ve learned!


“This is perhaps the best writing course I’ve ever taken. That includes my time in University.” STEPHEN L HEWITT, UDEMY STUDENT Want to craft irresistible content that has your readers glued to the page?Want to attract thousands of readers to your blog by writing addictive, shareable posts that are guaranteed to go viral?Want to discover the secret, elite persuasive writing techniques known only to the world’s top copywriters, speechwriters and academics specialising in literature?Want to compel your readers to take action through the power of persuasive reports, proposals, websites and marketing content?Want to know how to instantly get your ideas out of your head and onto the page – in a way that makes people sit up and take notice?Want to motivate others to buy your product? Change their mindset? Take on board your ideas?Want to uncover the secrets of turning snooze-worthy sentences into scintillating prose?If any of these apply to you, this is the course for you. BENEFIT FROM THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE WRITING COURSE ON UDEMYAs its name suggests, Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro takes you from the writing fundamentals right through to the elite techniques practised by the world’s top copywriters. Top copywriters like your instructor, Dr Clare Lynch, in fact.From the very first lectures, you’ll be inspired to beat writer’s block and get something down on the page. You’ll also gain instant ideas for taking your first draft from OK to outstanding.Next, you’ll discover a secret most writing and editing teachers won’t share with you: that good writing isn’t just about the writing. For the most part, good writing is about the thinking you do before you even sit down at your laptop or open your journal.That’s because, when it comes to becoming a powerful writer – the sort of writer who gets the job, closes the sale or wins buy-in for your ideas – it’s not about the technicalities of spelling and grammar. It’s about your ability to connect with your reader on an emotional, intellectual and visceral level.That’s why early on in the course, you’ll learn powerful, little-known techniques for really getting under the skin of your readers. Techniques that will allow you to write in a way that grabs people’s attention immediately – and keeps them addictively glued to your writing. You’ll also learn expert tips and techniques for confidently honing your message down to its essentials, to keep your reader focused on what matters most to you. Tips that will save you time as a writer – and get you better results.As the course progresses, you’ll learn what words to choose, how to turn turgid, lifeless sentences into attractive musical phrases that compel people to keep reading.In the second half of the course, you’ll discover how to apply recent findings of neuroscience to make your messages stick. In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to use imagery to paint unforgettable word-pictures in your reader’s mind. You’ll also discover the secret narrative structure underpinning the most persuasive stories. The narrative structure that’s made millions for the makers of Toy Story and persuaded the British to vote for Brexit. The same narrative structure that your instructor, Dr Clare Lynch, deployed in a tear-jerking speech that allowed a CEO to win over the hearts and minds of employees.In the final section of the course, you’ll take your writing to a level only achieved by the world’s top copywriters and political speech writers. In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to apply the ancient art of rhetoric to any piece of writing to create rhythmic, emotionally resonant writing that’s totally unforgettable.And throughout the course, you’ll have an opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned. Every lecture in Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro delivers a short, sharp, instantly practical tip you can apply to your writing TODAY.  HERE ARE JUST SOME OF THE THINGS YOU’LL LEARN FROM WRITING WITH CONFIDENCE: WRITING BEGINNER TO WRITING PRO SECTION 1: GETTING STARTEDIn this section you’ll learn how to:Beat writer’s block by developing the mindset of a professional writerInstantly improve a piece of your own writing – with the help four free toolsImprove your writing with one-to-one feedback from Dr Clare LynchSECTION 2: KNOWING YOUR READERIn this section you’ll learn how to:Ask the 3 essential questions you MUST ask before writing anythingProduce a detailed portrait of your reader – so they connect with you on a deep, visceral levelCraft reader-centric, benefit-led copy that will get your readers to take noticeStructure your writing to hook your readers in – and keep them reading SECTION 3: WRITE LESS, SAY MOREIn this section you’ll learn how to:Decide with confidence exactly what to cut – and what to keep Ditch flabby phrases for sparkling copy that’s clear, concise and compelling SECTION 4: HOW TO GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS TO THE WIDEST POSSIBLE AUDIENCEIn this section you’ll learn how to:Identify and fix off-putting jargonCommunicate your expertise in a way that anyone can understand and relate toChoose the best words for the job SECTION 5: HOW TO CRAFT SENTENCES THAT SINGIn this section you’ll learn how to:Dramatically boost your readability with shorter, sharper sentencesVary your sentences for musical effect SECTION 6: INCORPORATING STORIES INTO YOUR BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL WRITINGIn this section you’ll learn how to:Apply recent findings from neuroscience to make your message stickStructure a story for maximum persuasionUse metaphor to communicate complex ideas clearly and creatively SECTION 7: RHETORIC: ADVANCED PERSUASION TECHNIQUESIn this section you’ll learn how to:Employ the world’s most advanced techniques for persuasive writing – techniques no other big-name writing instructor on Udemy shows youApply elite writing strategies known only to the world’s top executives, advertising copywriters, political speech writers and academicsCraft more inspiring, creative copy that sounds irresistible to the ear – techniques that will set you apart from all the jobbing journalists and ten-a-penny content marketers out there REASONS TO TAKE THIS COURSEBenefit from one-to-one feedback on your writing from a University of Cambridge writing tutorLearn the skills that allow the top copywriters (like your instructor Dr Clare Lynch) to earn up to £2000+ a dayUse words to persuade your employees, your bosses, your customers or investorsCommunicate complex ideas in a way that inspires your readersBuild your confidence and find your voice as a writerHook your readers in from the outset – and have them glued to your wordsSave you and your readers’ time by writing less but saying moreHone your message down to the stuff that will get you resultsStructure your work for maximum persuasive powerUnderstand the difference between elegant simplicity and dumbing downEdit your work so you say what you mean (and mean what you say)Craft sentences that are clear, succinct and persuasiveUse online tools for assessing and boosting your writing’s readabilityFind and tell addictive stories that make people see the world your way – and compel them to take actionUse the latest findings from neuroscience to craft powerful messages that stickUse advanced rhetorical techniques to win over your audienceSee dozens of practical, real-life examples to illustrate the theoryAccess countless free resources for powering up your proseGet writing with a host of challenges to practise what you’ve learnedHave fun while you learn with a course that’s entertaining and humorous, but never lightweight – students say it’s addictively engagingStay hooked with a course that’s clear, concise and never repetitive – this is one writing instructor who practises what she preaches ENROL IN THE BEST WRITING COURSE ON UDEMY“This is the best course I’ve ever taken on Udemy! This course delivers what it promised.” – DENISE HUBBARD, UDEMY STUDENT Enrol in Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro and discover why, over and over again, students describe it as the best writing course on Udemy – in fact, the best course on Udemy. Clear, concise and addictively engaging, Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro will change the way you write for ever. It’s jam-packed with no-nonsense advice on how to win people over with the written word. Previous students of the course report that within days of completing it, they’ve crafted a cover letter that secured them a longed-for job. Or won a regular writing gig at a publication like the Huffington Post. In Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro, you’ll learn powerful principles that can be applied to most types of non-fiction writing – including emails, reports, presentations, sales pages, advertising, blogs and more. ***Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro isn’t aimed at writers of fiction, poetry or memoir. But it WILL show you how to add creative flair to all your non-fiction prose.*** “Best online writing course I’ve ever taken. Extraordinary!” JAMES CHISHOLM, UDEMY STUDENT APPLY YOUR SKILLS WITH THE MOST PRACTICAL WRITING COURSE ON UDEMYOne of the things that sets Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro apart is its practicality. The course includes over 30 activities and exercises that will get you writing from the very first ten minutes of the course. And with each exercise, you’ll discover your ability to write with a style and flair you didn’t think was possible. What’s more, expert copywriter and Cambridge writing tutor Clare Lynch is always on hand to give you one-to-one feedback on your writing. No other writing course on Udemy gives you access to personal mentorship from a University of Cambridge writing teacher. Or so many opportunities to benefit from the guidance of a proven, trusted expert in the field of writing.“I have taken quite a few courses on Udemy, and I have never seen a professor so interested in the progress of her students.” – GIANCARLO M. GUERRA, UDEMY STUDENT ENJOY THE MOST ENGAGING WRITING COURSE ON UDEMYDr Clare Lynch practises what she preaches. And that means Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro is as engaging and entertaining as it is clear and concise. Unlike some writing courses out there, Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro, contains zero fluff. Zero padding. Zero repetition. Just six hours of clear, practical advice for taking even the driest material from dull to dazzling. What’s more, Clare’s students consistently rate her courses as not simply invaluable – but also fun, varied and entertaining to watch. “I love this course. Truly engaging and it made an impact in my writing, almost immediately.” – SAMUNDSWARY IYERDOURIA, UDEMY STUDENT GET ONE-TO-ONE FEEDBACK FROM THE MOST HIGHLY QUALIFIED WRITING INSTRUCTOR ON UDEMYUniversity of Cambridge tutor Dr Clare Lynch is an expert writer with decades of experience. Clare hasn’t simply edited the work of other journalists at elite publications, such as The Financial Times. She’s also herself a hugely successful copywriter in her own right. In her 20+ year career, Clare has crafted copy from scratch for elite clients in a wide range of fields, including lifestyle, retail, property, tech, pharma, finance and government. Over the course of that career, Clare has honed her techniques for getting under any reader’s skin – and crafting messages that instantly resonate with the target audience. Techniques she now shares with over 25,000 students on Udemy.Clare’s experience as a writer embraces a huge range of writing formats and styles – including case studies, white papers, feature articles, direct mail campaigns, web content, ad copy, video scripts, CEO speeches and brand messaging. And as the author of the popular blog Good Copy, Bad Copy, Clare herself has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers to her own writing. Good Copy, Bad Copy has been named on Copyblogger’s list of 15 copywriting and content marketing blogs that will make you more money.What’s more, Clare has a PhD in English Literature and teaches at the University of Cambridge. She’s also a qualified and highly experienced corporate trainer. So Clare isn’t merely an expert at her craft. She also knows how to communicate her expertise in a way that’s memorable, entertaining and addictively engaging.“She is an incredible teacher that has a special unique ability of keeping her students minds engaged and hanging on her every word.” – BRAD MACE, UDEMY STUDENT PREVIOUS STUDENTS WHO’VE BENEFITED FROM THE COURSE INCLUDECopywritersCorporate communicatorsBloggersMemoiristsBook writersSmall business ownersJob seekersTechnical experts DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT – SEE WHAT OTHER STUDENTS OF WRITING WITH CONFIDENCE: WRITING BEGINNER TO WRITING PRO SAY ABOUT THE COURSE “Yours is the single most valuable course I’ve had in the past six years—my BA and MA seminars included” – AKOS CSERNAK, UDEMY STUDENT“Best writing course i have taken so far.” – IBRAHIM HALILU ABUBAKAR, UDEMY STUDENT“One month later and I have secured a regular blog spot on the Huffington Post! I could not have done this without Clare’s wonderful course.” – FRAN DIAMOND, UDEMY STUDENT“Best Udemy course I ever bought.” – ANNA CARLA DELLA VALLE, UDEMY STUDENT “Trust me, you’ll be immediately satisfied with this course” – MARK SIMPSON, UDEMY STUDENT“A week later I’d landed my first gig as a writer.” – DAVID PULLAN, UDEMY STUDENT“One of the best courses I’ve ever taken.” – NADER RUSTOM, UDEMY STUDENT“To those doubting if you should buy this course, please do, as there is so much valuable information in this course. I can comfortably state that it is one of the best courses that I have bought on Udemy.” – T.O _, UDEMY STUDENT“I loved it from beginning to end. It is exceptional value for money.” – DEBORAH SOWERBY, UDEMY STUDENT“a game changer.” – GEORGY THOMAS, UDEMY STUDENT“One of the best writing courses I have taken to date, love it!” – BEN WALTERS, UDEMY STUDENT “I challenge any business writer not to pick up a few gems from this engaging course.” – SACHA VAUGHAN, UDEMY STUDENT“I very much liked this course because it was #1 goal-oriented, #2 it used concrete examples, #3 everything was fascinating.” – FREDERIK, UDEMY STUDENT “a course you do not want to miss” – MA YUANFENG, UDEMY STUDENT“Fantastic course. This is by far the most complete and thorough course on business writing.” – CARSTEN PLEISER, UDEMY STUDENT“This course is amazing! I finished it all in one day and went straight to work putting the concepts into my writing.” – URIEL MACGILLIVARY, UDEMY STUDENT“Life changing at its simplest.” – SUSAN PARKER, UDEMY STUDENT“This course is amazing. I’ve been using every technique from the course in my academic life.” – MINH HA, UDEMY STUDENT“This is the best course I’ve taken on udemy thus far.” BILL SCHAEFER, UDEMY STUDENT “This course is priceless. You’ll be glad you signed up.” LIAT MIRIAM GAT, UDEMY STUDENTEnrol now – and change the way you write forever!


Section 1: Getting started

Lecture 1 Introduction – is this the right course for you?

Lecture 2 Activity: Introduce yourself!

Lecture 3 Three tips for overcoming writer’s block

Lecture 4 The #1 habit that sets great writers apart

Lecture 5 Practice activity: four AMAZING tools to develop the #1 habit of great writers!

Lecture 6 Section 1: summary

Section 2: Knowing your reader

Lecture 7 Introduction: Why knowing your reader is the starting point of all great writing

Lecture 8 Don’t write for readers!

Lecture 9 Activity: Who is your reader?

Lecture 10 How your reader really sees you

Lecture 11 So what’s your point, exactly?

Lecture 12 The three questions you need to ask before you even start to write

Lecture 13 Practice activity: use this guide for your next writing project!

Lecture 14 Does your writing pass the “so what” test?

Lecture 15 Practice activity: apply the ‘so what?’ test

Lecture 16 How readers read…

Lecture 17 …and what to do about it

Lecture 18 The reason you’ve probably been starting in the wrong place

Lecture 19 The one word no reader can resist

Lecture 20 Two real-life reader awareness FAILS – and how to fix them

Lecture 21 A brilliant technique to get inside your reader’s head

Lecture 22 NEW practice activity: Build an in-depth profile of your reader

Lecture 23 Section 2: summary

Section 3: Write less, say more

Lecture 24 Three reasons to write less

Lecture 25 The writing habit that makes you sound like a liar

Lecture 26 Trimming the fat: where to start

Lecture 27 Ditch these unnecessary words

Lecture 28 Flabby phrases to avoid

Lecture 29 The lazy descriptors that will weigh your writing down

Lecture 30 A brilliant online tool for making your writing leaner

Lecture 31 Mind maps are evil – here’s what to do instead!

Lecture 32 Practice activity: Edit this text to make it shorter and more compelling!

Lecture 33 Section 3: summary

Section 4: How to get your message across to the widest possible audience

Lecture 34 Why there’s really no need to worry about dumbing down

Lecture 35 How to get your message across to the widest possible audience

Lecture 36 How to avoid the curse of knowledge

Lecture 37 Practice activity: Try out this online tool for banishing the curse of knowledge

Lecture 38 Choosing the best words for the job

Lecture 39 Tips for choosing the best words

Lecture 40 Section 4: summary

Section 5: How to craft sentences that sing

Lecture 41 The number one writing habit that’s turning your readers off

Lecture 42 Burn this figure into your brain!

Lecture 43 Three quick ways to identify a sentence that will send your reader scuttling

Lecture 44 How to tame a sentence that’s out of control

Lecture 45 How to structure your sentences to make them easy to read

Lecture 46 More tips on structuring your sentences for maximum readability

Lecture 47 Practice activity: turn these sentences into something beautiful!

Lecture 48 How to knit your sentences together to make your writing flow

Lecture 49 Now we’re ready to put a little music into your writing

Lecture 50 Practice activity: Use sentence length to tell a story with music and drama

Lecture 51 Section 5: summary

Section 6: Incorporating stories into your business and technical writing

Lecture 52 What do we mean by storytelling anyway?

Lecture 53 Show, don’t tell

Lecture 54 Your endless source of stories

Lecture 55 Why you need to use concrete language

Lecture 56 An unforgettable story

Lecture 57 A brilliant tool for making your writing more vivid

Lecture 58 Nounitis – how to spot abstract nouns

Lecture 59 Practice activity: Identify the nouns and verbs in this extract

Lecture 60 Nounitis – how nouns can make your writing lifeless

Lecture 61 The neuroscience of stories

Lecture 62 How to get to the “why” with a metaphor

Lecture 63 How to hit on the perfect metaphor

Lecture 64 Practice activity: metaphor challenge #1!

Lecture 65 How to use storytelling techniques to bring data to life

Lecture 66 Practice activity: metaphor challenge #2!

Lecture 67 Active writing: a storytelling tip from Hemingway, Orwell…and Beyonce!

Lecture 68 Building trust: another reason to make your story active

Lecture 69 NEW! How to structure your story for maximum persuasiveness

Lecture 70 The secret to making your story go viral

Lecture 71 Section 6: summary

Section 7: NEW OCT 2017: Rhetoric – advanced persuasion techniques

Lecture 72 Introduction to rhetoric

Lecture 73 Assignment: analyse this piece of business writing

Lecture 74 The rising tricolon

Lecture 75 Practice activity: the rising tricolon

Lecture 76 Anaphora: the artful use of repetition to persuade

Lecture 77 Practice activity: anaphora

Lecture 78 Epiphora: another type of artful repetition

Lecture 79 Practice activity: epiphora

Lecture 80 Asyndeton: removing the ‘ands’ and the ‘buts’

Lecture 81 Practice activity: asyndeton

Lecture 82 Polysyndeton: putting in extra ‘ands’ and ‘buts’

Lecture 83 Practice activity: polysyndeton

Lecture 84 Chiasmus: the persuasive power of a criss-cross pattern

Lecture 85 Practice activity: chiasmus

Lecture 86 Antithesis: why opposites attract

Lecture 87 Practice activity: antithesis

Lecture 88 Hypophora: posing a question to your reader

Lecture 89 Practice activity: hypophora

Lecture 90 Alliteration: using repeated sounds to make your point

Lecture 91 Practice activity: alliteration

Lecture 92 Final exercise: write a public review for the course

Section 8: Bonus Material

Lecture 93 Cambridge post-graduate lecture 2015 – Dr Clare Lynch

Lecture 94 Online writing tools

Lecture 95 NEW April 2019: Writer’s Checklist

Lecture 96 Where’s my certificate?

Lecture 97 Bonus lecture

Enrol now to power up all your non-fiction prose – blog posts, reports, proposals, emails, websites, advertising copy and more,Enrol now if you want to write gripping blog posts that glue your readers to the page,Enrol now if you’re a manager with your sights set on a leadership position,Enrol now if you’re a new graduate seeking to stand out in your career,Enrol now if you want to learn the skills to be a highly paid professional copywriter,Enrol now if you want to make more sales from your website or other marketing material,Enrol now if you’re a comms professional seeking to articulate the case for clear writing in your organisation,Do NOT take this course if you’re only interested in creative writing such as poetry or fiction. The course focus is primarily on professional writing.,This course takes you from beginner to expert – experienced writers may find the early lectures cover known ground

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Udemy | English | 5h 51m | 4.38 GB
Created by: Clare Lynch

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