x86 64bit Assembly Language StepbyStep Tutorial

Learn x86-64 Assembly Language Programming From Scratch
x86 64bit Assembly Language StepbyStep Tutorial
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x86 64bit Assembly Language StepbyStep Tutorial

What you’ll learn

The general computer architecture
Understand how computer works
Data representation including unsigned and signed numbers, characters.
Master the x86-64 core instructions
How to write assembly programs
Understand the differences between x86-32 and x86-64
How to debug programs

x86 64bit Assembly Language StepbyStep Tutorial


Basic knowledge of one high-level language is recommended
All projects are created in SASM IDE on Windows


Welcome to x86 64-bit Assembly Language from x-BIT Development.This course is intended to teach you x86 64-bit assembly programming. It covers basics about computer architecture, data representation and low-level programming. In this course, we will take you through the step-by-step tutorials and teach you how to write assembly programs for x86 processors. Each section contains:        engaging videos         downloadable resources        quizzes to test what you learnedIn this course you will learn:         x86 assembly language from scratch         The general computer architecture          Data representation and counting systems         The fundamentals of the assembly language         x86-64 core instructions         x64 calling conventions         How to write assembly programs on x86-64 architecture         How to debug programs at the machine level


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Computer Architecture

Lecture 2 Introduction to Computer Architecture

Lecture 3 Introduction to Processor Mode

Section 3: Data Representation

Lecture 4 Number Systems

Lecture 5 Representing Integers

Lecture 6 ASCII Strings

Section 4: Assembly Language Basics

Lecture 7 Install SASM

Lecture 8 Assembling and Linking Basics

Lecture 9 First Program

Lecture 10 Debugging

Lecture 11 Defining Variables

Lecture 12 Constant

Section 5: x86-64 Assembly Language Notes

Lecture 13 x86-64 Assembly Language Notes

Section 6: Data Transfer and Basic Arithmetic Instructions

Lecture 14 Mov Instruction

Lecture 15 Xchg Instruction

Lecture 16 A Simple Example

Lecture 17 Inc and Dec Instructions

Lecture 18 Neg Instruction

Lecture 19 Add and Sub Instructions

Lecture 20 Add and Sub Instructions Example

Section 7: Flags

Lecture 21 Flags Register

Lecture 22 Carry Flag

Lecture 23 Overflow Flag

Lecture 24 Sign Flag

Lecture 25 Zero Flag

Section 8: Bitwise Instructions

Lecture 26 And Instruction

Lecture 27 Or Instruction

Lecture 28 And and Or Instructions Example

Lecture 29 Xor Instruction

Lecture 30 Flags Example

Lecture 31 Not Instruction

Section 9: Branch instructions

Lecture 32 Introduction to Branching

Lecture 33 Jmp Instruction

Lecture 34 Test Instruction

Lecture 35 Conditional Branching Part 1

Lecture 36 Conditional Branching Part 2

Lecture 37 Conditional Branching Part 3

Lecture 38 Branching Example 1

Lecture 39 Branching Example 2

Lecture 40 Branching Example 3

Section 10: Array and Addressing Modes

Lecture 41 Introduction to Array

Lecture 42 Immediate Register and Direct Addressing

Lecture 43 Indirect Addressing

Lecture 44 Endianness

Lecture 45 Lea Instruction

Lecture 46 Rip-Relative Addressing

Section 11: Multiplication and Division Instructions

Lecture 47 Mul Instruction

Lecture 48 Div Instruction

Lecture 49 Imul Instruction

Lecture 50 Idiv Instruction

Lecture 51 Imul and Idiv Instruction Example

Section 12: Shift and Rotate Instructions

Lecture 52 Shift Left

Lecture 53 Shift Right

Lecture 54 Rol and Rcl Instructions

Lecture 55 Ror and Rcr Instructions

Section 13: Strings

Lecture 56 Movs Instruction

Lecture 57 Stos Instruction

Lecture 58 Lods Instruction

Lecture 59 Scas Instruction

Lecture 60 Cmps Instruction

Section 14: Stack and Procedures

Lecture 61 Introduction to Procedures

Lecture 62 Stack

Lecture 63 Procedures

Lecture 64 Nested Procedure Calls

Lecture 65 Passing Parameters Part 1

Lecture 66 Passing Parameters Part 2

Lecture 67 Local Variables

Lecture 68 Microsoft x64 Calling Convention

Lecture 69 Microsoft x64 Calling Convention Example

Lecture 70 Single-Line Macros

Lecture 71 Multi-Line Macros

Lecture 72 I/O Macros

Section 15: Conclusion

Lecture 73 Conclusion

Beginners who want to learn x86 64-bit assembly language,People who learned 8086 or x86 32-bit assembly language and want to switch to x86 64-bit assembly language

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Created by: x-BIT Development

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