XRAY Test Management for Jira Software Cloud 2022

Test Management in Jira Software
XRAY Test Management for Jira Software Cloud 2022
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XRAY Test Management for Jira Software Cloud 2022

What you’ll learn

How to Design tests in Xray
How to Execute tests in Xray
Parameterizing and Creating Test Data in Xray
Creating Reports and Dashboard in Xray

XRAY Test Management for Jira Software Cloud 2022


Basic understanding of Jira
Understanding of Testing Process


Xray allows you to plan, design, and execute tests, as well as generate test reports. Xray uses specific Jira issue types for this process. Each testing phase allows you to use the following issues: Plan phase: Test plan issues. Design phase: The specification is defined using precondition and test issue types.Xray is a Test Management add-on to the Jira Software cloud. It enables QA Engineers to manage their test resources within Jira along with the functionalities of Jira. This can save a lot of your time in terms of systematically organizing your tests, executions, data, etc. Also, a great platform to build easy reports to be shared with stakeholders. It also gives you the freedom to collaborate on different tests and the Jira Flavor makes it more intractable.The sessions include all Xray issue types including Tests, Preconditions, Test Executions, Test Sets, and Test Plans.The course includes a working tutorial with different aspects of Xray features with real-time scenarios and use case discussions which can help individuals apply them back in their day-to-day work. This course covers sessions right from installing the tool, creating tests, organizing tests, parameterizing tests, building reports, traceability, coverage measurement, reporting, and dashboard creation.Xray comes with an in-built Test Repository option to organize various tests in a systematic folder manner for ease of reference and categorization.Any new user can learn the end-to-end functionality of Xray using this course and implement it in real time.


Section 1: Introduction to Xray

Lecture 1 Introduction to Xray Cloud

Lecture 2 Installing & Configuring Xray Cloud

Lecture 3 Issue Types in Xray

Section 2: Building Tests in Xray

Lecture 4 Creating a Test

Lecture 5 Calling a Test and Test Step

Lecture 6 Creating a Precondition

Section 3: Test Executions in Xray

Lecture 7 Test Execution in Xray

Lecture 8 Using Parameters in a Test

Lecture 9 Executing Parametrized Test

Section 4: Test Management in Xray

Lecture 10 Test Set in Xray

Lecture 11 Test Plan in Xray

Lecture 12 Test Repository in Xray

Section 5: Optimizing Xray

Lecture 13 Test Coverage in Xray

Lecture 14 Defect Mapping in Xray

Lecture 15 Test Environment in Xray

Lecture 16 Custom Field in Xray

Lecture 17 Importing Test Cases in Xray

Section 6: Reporting in Xray

Lecture 18 Xray Reports (Part-1)

Lecture 19 Xray Reports (Part-2)

Lecture 20 Dashboard of Xray

Lecture 21 Document Generator in Xray

QA Engineer and Leads,Test Manager

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Udemy | English | 4h 12m | 3.51 GB
Created by: Neeraj Kumar Singh

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