YouTube SEO Marketing and Ranking Masterclass for Growth

Secrets from YouTube Headquarters to get more Views, Likes, Comments, and Subscribers
YouTube SEO Marketing and Ranking Masterclass for Growth
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Jun Wu - Social Media Influencer


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YouTube SEO Marketing and Ranking Masterclass for Growth

What you’ll learn

Use YouTube’s 1/3 rule to increase your Views
Secret SEO steps that get your Videos to Rank on the first page of YouTube
YouTube Algorithm Mistakes to Avoid that will Penalize your Video’s Reach
The Power of 3 strategy to Grow Subscribers Expoentially
Scripting Secrets to increase Audience Retention Time, getting your videos recommended to others
The Hacks that Top YouTubers are using to grow during the Pandemic
How to run paid traffic to grow your channel while you sleep with dollars a day

YouTube SEO Marketing and Ranking Masterclass for Growth


YouTube Channel


Hi! Are you having a hard time growing your YouTube Channel? Getting more views, more likes, and more subscribers?I spent years growing my account and had the hardest time getting people to watch my videos and subscribe to my channel. But recently I was hired by YouTube as a content marketing Consultant.After learning the secrets from working with YouTube headquarters, I was able to rank my videos.One of my videos was ranked number 4 in 22 hours with 1.2k views.Another of my video was ranked number 3 in 8 Hours. With only 18 views.And another video was, get this, ranked number 1 on YouTube in 1 hour, with no views, which was totally insane!My subscribers grew from 0 subscribers a day to 30 a day. And I was even able to make money using YouTube’s traffic without YouTube Monetization. Bypassing their 4000 public watch hour threshold.But it wasn’t good enough that I got results for myself. I created a simple to follow system for people who just created their channel or for YouTubers struggling to grow and get their videos seen for years.It shouldn’t be a secret to grow on YouTube.It’s just 3 simple steps.1, Research what videos to make2, Make the videoAnd 3, Publish and promote the video.Simple right? So why was it so hard for me and others to grow on YouTube?Because if don’t research the right keywords to target and rank for, you are basically creating videos that people are not searching for and your video will never be found.If you don’t know how to script your video in a way that makes people want to start watching and continue watching, the YouTube algorithm will see you have low audience retention and won’t recommend your videos to others.And if you just publish your video without the right SEO strategy, and without promoting it the right way. It’s like a movie premiere in the middle of nowhere. No one will know your video exist and your video will be lost forever.My goal is to help you stop making these mistakes.Let me show you how to do keyword research the right way, using software that were designed for YouTube Growth.Let me show you how to script your videos so that people will not only watch your videos from start to finish but start binge watching them on your channel like how they binge watch Netflix shows.And let me show you how to publish your videos the right way, with the right SEO secrets so that you get a burst of views and traffic as soon as you post. Getting the YouTube Algorithm to wake up and start recommending your video in the related videos section.I already planned everything out for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and follow along. Let me show you what is waiting for you in our YouTube growth adventure.I’ll see you in the next episode


Section 1: WEEK 1 – Secrets from YouTube Headquarters

Lecture 1 WEEK 1 – START HERE!

Lecture 2 16X your Business LIVE with AI this week

Lecture 3 Why is it SO HARD to get Subscribers on YouTube?

Lecture 4 The Power of 3 Secret

Lecture 5 Why we DON’T Focus on Subscribers or Monetization

Lecture 6 How Small YouTube Channels Make Money

Lecture 7 Why Your Success is Inevitable – Our Battle Plan

Section 2: WEEK 2 – Video Research MADE EASY

Lecture 8 WEEK 2 – Fastest Research Ever

Lecture 9 2 Biggest Mistakes New YouTubers Make

Lecture 10 Keywords SEO Research with Tube Buddy

Lecture 11 Keywords SEO Research with Vid IQ

Lecture 12 Video Execution Worksheet

Section 3: WEEK 3 – Video Creation MADE EASY

Lecture 13 WEEK 3 – Viral Video Secrets

Lecture 14 What Going Viral means FOR YOU

Lecture 15 Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Today’s YouTube Videos – Part 1

Lecture 16 Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Today’s YouTube Videos – Part 2

Lecture 17 Watch Time Boost #1 – How to Get People to Care

Lecture 18 Watch Time Boost #2 – The 1/3 Rule from YouTube Headquarters

Lecture 19 When and How to Ask for the Subscribe?

Lecture 20 Download the Subscribe Animation for Your Videos too!

Lecture 21 How to Use the Subscribe Animation for Your Videos

Lecture 22 5 Step Viral Video Formula

Lecture 23 5 Step Viral Video Worksheet and Word Doc Example

Lecture 24 Example of Final Product from Word Doc Script

Section 4: WEEK 4 – Video Promotion MADE EASY

Lecture 25 WEEK 4 – Publishing and Promotion Secrets

Lecture 26 Before Video Upload SEO

Lecture 27 During Video Upload SEO

Lecture 28 After Video Upload SEO

Lecture 29 Video Upload Worksheet

Lecture 30 Why We Run Ads? – Organic Vs. Paid Traffic

Lecture 31 Facebook Page Boost (FAST Traffic)

Lecture 32 Fiverr Backlinks Boost (SLOW Traffic)

Section 5: How to Run YouTube Ads to get Views and Subscribers

Lecture 33 How to Setup and Run YouTube Ads

Lecture 34 Google Ads Account Setup

Lecture 35 Linking Google Ads to YouTube Channels

Lecture 36 Fun Google Ads Dashboard Tour

Lecture 37 Disneyland Google Ads Dashboard Roleplay

Lecture 38 YouTube Ads for Channel Growth (Medium Traffic)

Section 6: Continued Growth

Lecture 39 Continued Growth

Lecture 40 How to Grow Your Email List

Lecture 41 Your Warmest Leads are Waiting for You

Lecture 42 Facebook Page Likes Growth Campaign

Lecture 43 New Video Promotion Chart

Beginners who just started their YouTube accounts,People who have been trying to grow for years but had no luck

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Udemy | English | 4h 6m | 6.74 GB
Created by: Jun Wu – Social Media Influencer

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