Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel Complete Excel guide 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Excel – Learn Excel Charts, Spreadsheets, Formulas, Shortcuts, Macros and Tips & Tricks
Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel Complete Excel guide 2022
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Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel Complete Excel guide 2022

What you’ll learn

A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Excel, Learn Excel, Spreadsheets, Formulas, Shortcuts, Macros
Knowledge of all the essential Excel formulas
Become proficient in Excel data tools like Sorting, Filtering, Data validations and Data importing
Master Excel’s most popular lookup functions such as Vlookup, Hlookup, Index and Match
Harness full potential of Excel by creating Pivot tables with slicers
Make great presentations using the Conditional and Table formatting options
Visually enchant viewers using Bar charts, Scatter Plots, Histograms etc.
Increase your efficiency by learning how to create and use important Excel shortcuts
Explore fun and exciting use cases of Excel

Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel Complete Excel guide 2022


You will need a PC with any version of Excel installed in it


[November 2022 update]Added a new section on Xlookup, a powerful alternative to Vlookup and HlookupAdded a new video on how to present geographical data using Map charts in ExcelAdded a new video on how to import data from PDF reports such as Balance sheets to Excel for analysisAdded a new video on how to get dynamic data tables from websites such as Yahoo finance into Excel7 Reasons why you should choose this Excel courseCarefully designed curriculum teaching you only the most used functionalities of Microsoft Excel in business environmentConcise – you can complete this Microsoft Excel course within one weekendBusiness related examples, data analysis and case studies solved using Advanced Excel.You will learn various data analysis techniques using MS ExcelAmple practice exercises on data analysis, MS excel (basic & advanced), because Excel requires practiceDownloadable resources comprising important MS Excel techniques and functionalitiesYour queries will be responded by the Instructor himselfStart using Excel to its full potential to become proficient at your Excel tasks today!Either you’re new to Microsoft Excel, or you’ve played around with Excel since long but want to get more comfortable with MS Excel’s advanced features, or maybe you want to enhance your data analysis skills using Microsoft Excel. Either way, this Excel course will be great for you.A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this MS Excel course.Why should you choose this course?This is a complete and concise tutorial on MS Excel which can be completed within 6 hours. This course will help you learn advanced Excel and various data analysis tools associated with Microsoft excel. We know that your time is important and hence we have created this fast paced MS Excel course without wasting time on irrelevant Excel operations.What makes us qualified to teach you?The course is taught by Abhishek and Pukhraj. Instructors of the course have been teaching Data Science and Machine Learning for over a decade. They have an in-depth knowledge in advanced MS Excel and various data analysis tools available in the market.We are also the creators of some of the most popular online courses – with over 150,000 enrollments and thousands of 5-star reviews like these ones:I had an awesome moment taking this course. It broaden my knowledge more on the power use of Excel as an analytical tools. Kudos to the instructor! – SikiruVery insightful, learning very nifty tricks and enough detail to make it stick in your mind. – ArmandOur PromiseTeaching our students is our job and we are committed to it. If you have any questions about the course content on basic Excel features, or advanced Excel functions or maybe on data analysis tools; practice sheet or anything related to any topic, you can always post a question in the course or send us a direct message.Download Practice files, take Quizzes, and complete AssignmentsWith each lecture, there is a practice sheet attached for you to follow along. You can also take quizzes to check your understanding of concepts. Each section contains a practice assignment for you to practically implement your learning. Assignments are aimed at enhancing your skillsets on Microsoft Excel at an advanced level and at analysing data. Solution to Assignment is also shared so that you can review your performance.What is covered in this course?This course covers everything you need to crack advanced MS Excel in the professional work place.Below are the Excel course contents of this complete and concise course on Microsoft Excel:Introduction – In this video, the structure and contents of the course are discussed.Mathematical Functions – This lecture covers Mathematical formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE,RAND, MIN & MAX, SUMPRODUCT.Textual Formulas – This Excel lecture covers Textual formulas such as TRIM, CONCATENATE, SUBSTITUTE, UPPER & LOWER, LENGTH, LEFT, RIGHT & MIDLogical Formulas – This lecture covers Logical formulas such as AND & OR, IF, COUNTIF, SUMIFDate-time (Temporal) Formulas – This lecture covers Date-time related functions such as TODAY & NOW, DAY, MONTH & YEAR, DATEDIF & DAYSLookup Formulas – This Excel lecture covers Lookup formulas such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCHData Tools – This lecture covers Data operating tools such as Data Sorting and Filtering, Data validation, Removing duplicates, Importing Data (Text-to-columns)Formatting data and tables – This Excel lecture covers data formatting options such as coloring, changing font, alignments and table formatting options such as adding borders, having highlighted table headers, banded rows etc.Pivot Tables – This Excel lecture covers Pivot tables end-to-end.Charts – This Excel lecture covers charts such as, Bar/ Column chart, Line Chart, Scatter Plot, Pie & Doughnut charts, Statistical Chart – Histogram, Waterfall, SparklinesExcel Shortcuts – This lecture will introduce you to some important shortcuts and teach you how to find out the shortcut for any particular excel operation.Analytics in Excel – This Excel lecture covers the data analytics options available in Excel such as Regression, Solving linear programming problem (Minimization or Maximization problems), What-if (Goal Seek and Scenario Manager)Macros – This lecture covers the process of recording a Macro, running a Macro and creating a button to run a Macro.Bonus Lectures – Waterfall chart in Excel 2016 and previous versions of Excel, Infographics 1: Cool charts, Infographics 2: Cool chartsAnd so much more!By the end of this course, your confidence in using MS Excel will soar. You will learn how Microsoft Excel can play a pivotal role in data analysis and related field. You’ll also have a thorough understanding of how to use Microsoft Excel for study or as a career opportunity.Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I’ll see you in lesson 1!CheersStart-Tech AcademyFAQ’sWhy learn Microsoft Excel?1. Microsoft Excel helps solve Business Problems2. MS Excel has some extremely relevant and important data analysis tools.3. Advanced MS Excel will give you an edge over other candidates in the competitive environment in schools, colleges or workplaces.4. Microsoft Excel helps you get stuff done5. Microsoft Excel will make you better at your job (no matter what that is)6. Microsoft Excel know-how can instantly increase your job prospects as well as your starting salaryHow much time does it take to learn Microsoft Excel?Microsoft Excel is easy but no one can determine the learning time it takes. It totally depends on you. The method we adopted to help you learn Microsoft Excel quickly starts from the basics and takes you to advanced level within hours. You can follow the same, but remember you can learn nothing without practicing it. Practice is the only way to learn Microsoft Excel quickly.What are the steps I should follow to learn Microsoft Excel?1. Start learning from the basics of Microsoft Excel. The first 3 sections of the course cover the basics.2. Once done with the basic try your hands on advanced MS Excel. Next 7 sections cover Advanced Excel topics3. Next section will help you some cool new tricks of Microsoft Excel.4. Practice your learning on the exercise provided with every lecture.What is the difference between basic and advanced level of Excel?At Basic level of MS Excel a personCan build excel formulas using: SUM, IF, AVERAGE, COUNT, ROUNDIs comfortable building excel formulas to manipulate text and datesUnderstands and can use the Filter and Sort feature of Microsoft Excel.Can create basic charts like Line chart, bar chart and pie chartAt Advanced level of MS Excel a personCan implement Excel LOOKUP Formulas like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Index and MatchCan use conditional and logical formulas like IF, SUMIF, COUNTIF, OR, AND etc.Knows what a Pivot Table is and how to build one.Knows what an add-in is and how to install one.Can record a macro and use it later.Can successfully edit/modify simple recorded macros.Can create advanced charts like Waterfall chart and overlay chart in Microsoft ExcelCan create solve analytics problem using excel solver.Start working proficiently on Microsoft Excel and increase your office productivity.The Authors of this Microsoft Excel course have several years of corporate experience and hence have curated the course material keeping in mind the requirement of advanced MS Excel in today’s corporate world.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Excel Basics

Lecture 2 Getting started with Excel

Lecture 3 Course Resources

Lecture 4 This is a milestone!

Lecture 5 Worksheet Basics

Lecture 6 Entering values and Formulas

Lecture 7 Data Formats

Lecture 8 Data Handling Basics – Cut, Copy and Paste

Lecture 9 Saving and Printing in Excel

Section 3: Essential Excel functions

Lecture 10 Basic Formula Operations

Lecture 11 Mathematical Functions – Part 1

Lecture 12 Mathematical Functions – Part 2

Lecture 13 Difference between RANK, RANK.AVG and RANK.EQ

Lecture 14 Exercise 1: Mathematical Functions

Lecture 15 Textual Functions – Part 1

Lecture 16 Textual Functions – Part 2

Lecture 17 Exercise 2: Textual Functions

Lecture 18 Logical Functions

Lecture 19 Exercise 3: Logical Functions

Lecture 20 Date-Time Functions

Lecture 21 Exercise 4: Date-Time Functions

Lecture 22 Lookup Functions ( V Lookup, Hlookup, Index-Match )

Lecture 23 Exercise 5: Lookup Functions

Section 4: New! XLookup – only for Excel 2021 and Office 365

Lecture 24 XLookup as a replacement of Vlookup

Lecture 25 Handling #NA and Approximates match in Xlookup

Lecture 26 Wildcard matching in XLookup

Lecture 27 Search modes in XLookup

Section 5: Data Tools

Lecture 28 Data Tools Part 1

Lecture 29 Data Tools Part 2

Lecture 30 Exercise 6: Data Tools

Section 6: Formatting data and tables

Lecture 31 Formatting data and tables

Lecture 32 Exercise 7: Formatting

Section 7: Pivot Tables

Lecture 33 Pivot Tables

Lecture 34 Exercise 8: Pivot tables

Section 8: Excel Charts

Lecture 35 Excel Charts – Categories of messages that can be conveyed

Lecture 36 Elements of charts

Lecture 37 The Easy way of creating charts

Lecture 38 Bar and column charts

Lecture 39 Formatting charts

Lecture 40 Line Charts

Lecture 41 Area Charts

Lecture 42 Pie and Doughnut Charts

Lecture 43 Why we should avoid Pie charts

Lecture 44 Scatter plot or XY chart

Lecture 45 Frequency Distribution and Histograms

Lecture 46 Waterfall Charts

Lecture 47 Hierarchy Charts: Sunburst and Treemap

Lecture 48 Combination charts

Lecture 49 Sparklines

Lecture 50 Exercise 9: Charts

Section 9: Pivot Charts

Lecture 51 Pivot Charts

Section 10: NEW! Maps Chart – only for Excel 2019 and above

Lecture 52 Maps Chart

Section 11: Special purpose charts

Lecture 53 Stock charts

Lecture 54 Radar charts

Lecture 55 Surface charts

Lecture 56 Heatmaps

Section 12: Named Ranges

Lecture 57 Named Ranges

Lecture 58 Indirect Function

Section 13: Excel Shortcuts

Lecture 59 Shortcuts

Lecture 60 Exercise 10: Shortcuts

Section 14: Macros

Lecture 61 Macros

Lecture 62 Exercise 11: Macros

Section 15: NEW! Importing data from PDF and Websites

Lecture 63 Importing tables from PDF – Excel 2021 and office 365

Lecture 64 Importing data from Website – Excel 2019 and above

Section 16: Advanced Excel

Lecture 65 Advanced Excel: Analytics in Excel

Lecture 66 Solving a transportation problem using Excel

Lecture 67 Income Tax calculation – Slabs based tax

Section 17: Creative Infographics

Lecture 68 Infographic Example 1

Lecture 69 Infographic Example 2

Section 18: Congratulations & about your certificate

Lecture 70 The final milestone!

Lecture 71 Bonus Lecture

Anyone curious to master excel from beginner to Advanced in short span of time

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