Zero to Hero Stargazing Basic Astronomy The Bright Stars

The best stargazing and astronomy course for beginners of all ages.
Zero to Hero Stargazing Basic Astronomy The Bright Stars
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Zero to Hero Stargazing Basic Astronomy The Bright Stars

What you’ll learn

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the stars. We focus on the bright stars you’ll actually see.
Take this course BEFORE you buy a telescope! Telescopes are more fun when you know what you want to look at.
Learn how the sun and moon move across the sky, then predict what the moon will look like in two weeks.
Understand why the Zodiac is called the Zodiac, and why it is important to Astronomy.

Zero to Hero Stargazing Basic Astronomy The Bright Stars


This is the first astronomy course you and your kids should take. It is intended for kids or adults that want an easy course to learn the basics. We don’t show the whole sky, only the stars and constellations you are most likely to see. Take this course BEFORE you invest money in a telescope!


Become a stargazer tonight. We make it easy for you to learn the stars. Don’t start with a telescope! Learn the basics first.Zero to Hero Stargazing is the perfect online course for the absolute beginner.We make learning easy by focusing on the stars you are most likely to see. t is hard to know where to start when there are thousands of stars in the sky. That’s why our online course focuses on the brightest stars that you can typically see, even from an urban area. This is how you get immediate results..Don’t waste your money on a telescope! Start here first. If you don’t know where the stars are and you’re trying to use your new telescope, you will get frustrated and your kids will get bored. This course gives you a step by step process to learn the sky and get your kids working with you. We’re not anti-telescope at Cosmicademy, we just think that learning a little bit of the ‘big picture’ first makes for a more enjoyable telescope experience.Stargazing is a path to a solid STEM education. We start with the stars to understand the universe. Let’s be clear, you won’t just learn about stars. This course teaches you where Orion will be on your birthday, how to predict what the moon will look like three weeks from now, and why the Zodiac is called the Zodiac.The perfect stargazing course for busy parents. Our course is designed to let you and your kids learn the stars quickly. Being outside at night is just different when you can name the stars. We won’t say it’ll change everything, but it does make nighttime activities a more enjoyable and enriching family experience.


Section 1: Start Your Stargazing Journey Here

Lecture 1 Course Welcome (Grown ups start here)

Lecture 2 Course Downloadables

Section 2: Learn the Winter Stars! (Kids start here)

Lecture 3 Winter Stars 1: The Story

Lecture 4 Winter Stars II – Constellation Deep Dive

Lecture 5 Winter Stars III – Review

Section 3: Learn the Spring Stars

Lecture 6 Spring Stars I – Spring Story

Lecture 7 Spring Stars II – Constellations Deep Dive

Lecture 8 Spring Stars III – Finding the Bright Stars

Lecture 9 Spring Stars IV – Review

Section 4: Summer Stars

Lecture 10 Summer Stars I – Summer Story

Lecture 11 Summer Stars II – Constellations Deep Dive

Lecture 12 Summer Stars III – Review

Lecture 13 Finding the Summer Triangle

Section 5: Fall Stars

Lecture 14 Fall Stars I – Fall Story

Lecture 15 Fall Stars II – Constellations Deep Dive

Lecture 16 Fall Stars III – Review

Section 6: Finding the North Star

Lecture 17 Finding North

Section 7: Going Further: The Sun and the Moon

Lecture 18 Intro to the Sun

Lecture 19 Intro to the Moon

Lecture 20 Moon III – The Monthly Moon

Lecture 21 Using the Sun Clock

Section 8: From the Zodiac to the Ecliptic

Lecture 22 Intro to the Zodiac

Lecture 23 Zodiac II – What is in a name?

Lecture 24 How the Zodiac Works

Lecture 25 How to Remember all the Zodiac Constellations.

Section 9: Continue your stargazing journey here!

Lecture 26 Zero to Hero Astronomy: How to learn the rest of the sky

The course is intended for people aged seven years and older. Parents are encouraged to do this course with their kids. If you like astronomy and want to buy a telescope, I recommend you take this course if you don’t know when to see some of the brightest stars. This course is also great if you want to nurture an interest in astronomy. While the course teaches about 20 constellations, it gives you the method to learn the rest.

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