Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator Masterclass

Learn everything you need to become a Zoho CRM/Creator consultant.
Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator Masterclass
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Jeremy Nagel


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Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Fully automate Zoho CRM with custom functions
Integrate Zoho CRM with other online services
Build custom Zoho Creator apps
Build marketplace extensions for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator Masterclass


You should have a Zoho CRM account (ideally Enterprise edition as most of the features I train you in are only in Enterprise edition)
Ideally you’d have some programming experience but this isn’t essential
You should have a high level understanding of Zoho CRM (preferably have used it for at least 2 months)


I’ve been working as a certified Zoho CRM/Creator consultant for over four years and have picked up a fair bit of knowledge along the way. This course is my attempt to distill everything I’ve learnt so that you can reach the same level of expertise. You’ll learn everything from the basics of setting up a new CRM account to advanced Deluge scripting and API integration between Zoho products and third party APIs. The course contains many hours of video content as well as quizzes and assignments to help embed the knowledge. This course is not meant for people who have never used Zoho products before. You need some base level understanding of the products (ideally you’ll have been using Zoho CRM/Creator for at least 2 months) otherwise it will all go over your head.Forewarning: the content is challenging. It ramps up in difficulty very quickly. The objective of the course is to help you reach an advanced level of proficiency with Zoho CRM and Creator quickly. It focuses heavily on automation and custom functions using Deluge.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Tips for making the most out of this course

Lecture 3 You probably won’t finish this course unless..

Lecture 4 Questions/help/feedback

Lecture 5 Tip for remembering more of the content in this course

Lecture 6 Anki

Section 2: CRM overview

Lecture 7 What is a CRM?

Lecture 8 Modules in Zoho CRM

Lecture 9 Records in Zoho CRM

Section 3: Navigating the CRM

Lecture 10 Navigating the CRM

Section 4: Working with a client

Lecture 11 Meet the client

Lecture 12 Planning the CRM build for vicious vegans

Lecture 13 Setting up the vicious vegans CRM – company details

Lecture 14 Setting up modules for the vicious vegans CRM

Lecture 15 Feedback from Vince

Lecture 16 Adding a logo and renaming system fields

Lecture 17 More content from Vince coming soon 😉

Section 5: Zoho CRM customisation

Lecture 18 Customisation Overview

Lecture 19 Organisation Settings follow up – business hours and holidays

Lecture 20 Tips for Quizzes

Lecture 21 Creating custom views

Lecture 22 Quick note about the next video on Potentials

Lecture 23 Stage probability mapping

Lecture 24 Mapping fields from leads to accounts

Lecture 25 Best practices when adding new users

Lecture 26 Custom Layouts in Zoho CRM

Lecture 27 Layout Rules in Zoho CRM

Section 6: Automation

Lecture 28 Automation Overview

Lecture 29 Basic workflows

Lecture 30 Time based workflows

Lecture 31 Blueprints

Lecture 32 Custom functions

Lecture 33 When would you use webhooks in Zoho CRM?

Lecture 34 How to use webhooks in Zoho CRM

Section 7: Deluge script for CRM custom functions

Lecture 35 Deluge Script Overview

Lecture 36 Recommended prerequisites for learning Deluge

Lecture 37 The official deluge eLearning course + deluge docs

Lecture 38 Debugging tips and Tricks

Lecture 39 Using CRM integration tasks

Lecture 40 Exercise 1: Fetching CRM records by ID

Lecture 41 Exercise 2: Creating a new record in Zoho CRM

Lecture 42 Exercise 3: Updating an existing record in Zoho CRM

Lecture 43 Exercise 4: Searching for records in Zoho CRM

Lecture 44 Exercise 6: Sending emails

Lecture 45 Exercise 7: Deleting records in Zoho CRM

Lecture 46 Exercise 8 – using updateRelatedRecords to associate products with potentials

Lecture 47 Fetching active users from the CRM

Lecture 48 Calling external APIs

Lecture 49 Case study: complex CRM data migration using Deluge standalone function

Section 8: Zoho CRM API deep dive

Lecture 50 Overview – when to use the API?

Lecture 51 Reading the docs

Lecture 52 CORS limitations

Lecture 53 Wrapper libraries/SDKs

Lecture 54 Creating an API endpoint to talk to Zoho CRM webhook

Section 9: Integrating with third party services

Lecture 55 Overview – integrating with external services

Lecture 56 Using Zapier to integrate with external services

Section 10: Custom apps in Zoho CRM

Lecture 57 Related lists for custom apps

Section 11: End to end CRM case studies

Lecture 58 Overview – end to end case studies

Lecture 59 End to end Zoho CRM integration with eventbrite PART 1

Lecture 60 End to end Zoho CRM integration with eventbrite PART 2

Lecture 61 End to end Zoho CRM integration with eventbrite PART 3

Lecture 62 End to end CRM walkthrough for event organizer PART 4

Lecture 63 End to end CRM walkthrough for event organizer PART 5

Lecture 64 End to end CRM walkthrough for event organizer PART 6

Section 12: Deluge in Zoho Creator

Lecture 65 Overview – Deluge in Zoho Creator

Lecture 66 Deluge in Zoho Creator basics: fetching records

Lecture 67 Updating records in Zoho Creator

Lecture 68 Field actions in Zoho Creator

Lecture 69 On Load/On Edit hooks

Lecture 70 Calling functions

Lecture 71 Dynamic picklists in Zoho Creator

Lecture 72 Schedules in Zoho Creator

Lecture 73 Building HTML pages in Zoho Creator

Section 13: Website integration

Lecture 74 Overview – website integration

Lecture 75 Using embedded Zoho Creator forms to modify data in CRM

Lecture 76 Integrating WordPress forms via Gravity Forms plugin

Lecture 77 Using API to integrate a form in website

Section 14: Zoho CRM extensions

Lecture 78 What are CRM extensions?

Lecture 79 Accessing data from custom modules in extensions

Lecture 80 Walkthrough: building stale lead tracker extension

Section 15: Wrapping up

Lecture 81 Summary of what you’ve learnt

Lecture 82 Next step: Become Certified

Someone who wants to automate their Zoho CRM account and build Zoho Creator apps

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 58m | 3.06 GB
Created by: Jeremy Nagel

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