Zoho CRM User Training Course Beginner To Expert Course

Become A Master Of Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM User Training Course Beginner To Expert Course
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Nick Boardman


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Zoho CRM User Training Course Beginner To Expert Course

What you’ll learn

What Is Zoho CRM
How To Use Zoho CRM
Manage Data Inside Zoho CRM
A Clear Breakdown Of Each Module

Zoho CRM User Training Course Beginner To Expert Course


Access To Zoho CRM
No Experience Required
Willingness To Learn


In this Zoho CRM user training course, I explain how to use all of the features inside Zoho CRM, helping users go from a beginner to expert.At the start of this course, I go over the key areas of the Zoho CRM system to help get you underway with using the system. As you work further into the course I go into detail on more advanced features of the Zoho CRM system, including mass email, creating and using filters, using blueprints to manage leads, using calendar booking and a host of other features available inside of the system. I finish the course by explaining how to use each of the different modules inside of the Zoho CRM system, discuss what each module is used for and how it would work.There are over 5 hours of content in this course to help guide you through the various features of Zoho CRM. If you have any further questions during the course you are more than welcome to get in touch, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you do have. This course will take you from Zoho CRM beginner to expert, allowing you to utilise all of the features inside of your Zoho CRM system. I hope you enjoy the course. Nick


Section 1: Records

Lecture 1 What Are Records?

Lecture 2 How To Create A New Record

Lecture 3 How To Delete A Record

Lecture 4 Record Ownership Explained

Lecture 5 How To Print A Record

Lecture 6 Adding Notes & Attachments To Records

Lecture 7 Using The Record Timeline

Section 2: Relationships

Lecture 8 What Are Relationships?

Lecture 9 Using A Record Related List

Section 3: Views

Lecture 10 What Are Views?

Lecture 11 How To Change Views

Lecture 12 How To Edit Views

Lecture 13 How To Create & Save Views

Lecture 14 How To Print A View

Section 4: Filters

Lecture 15 What Are Filters?

Lecture 16 How To Use Filters

Lecture 17 How To Create & Save Filters

Section 5: Tags

Lecture 18 What Are Tags?

Lecture 19 How To Create Tags

Lecture 20 How To Add & Remove Tags

Lecture 21 Searching Using Tags

Section 6: Blueprints

Lecture 22 What Are Blueprints?

Lecture 23 How To Use Blueprints

Section 7: Calendar

Lecture 24 What Is Calendar?

Lecture 25 How To Use The Calendar

Lecture 26 How To Change Calendar Preferences

Section 8: Calendar Booking

Lecture 27 What Is Calendar Booking?

Lecture 28 How To Use Calendar Booking

Section 9: Search

Lecture 29 How To Search For Records

Section 10: GDPR

Lecture 30 What Is GDPR In Zoho CRM

Lecture 31 How To Manage GDPR Inside Zoho CRM

Section 11: Homepage

Lecture 32 What Is The Homepage?

Lecture 33 How To Edit The Homepage

Section 12: Actions

Lecture 34 What Are Actions?

Lecture 35 Mass Delete

Lecture 36 Mass Update

Lecture 37 Drafts

Lecture 38 Autoresponders

Lecture 39 Approve Records

Lecture 40 Deduplicate Records

Lecture 41 Add To Campaigns

Section 13: Leads

Lecture 42 What Are Leads?

Lecture 43 How To Create A Lead

Lecture 44 How To Manage Leads

Lecture 45 How To Approve & Convert Leads

Section 14: Contacts

Lecture 46 What Are Contacts?

Lecture 47 How To Create A Contact

Lecture 48 How To Manage Contacts

Section 15: Accounts

Lecture 49 What Are Accounts?

Lecture 50 How To Create An Account

Lecture 51 How To Manage Accounts

Section 16: Deals

Lecture 52 What Are Deals?

Lecture 53 How To Create A Deal

Lecture 54 How To Manage Deals

Lecture 55 How To Use The Deals Pipeline – Won Or Lost

Lecture 56 Using The Kanban View For Deals

Section 17: Meetings

Lecture 57 How To Log A Meeting (Activities)

Lecture 58 How To Log A Meeting (Records)

Lecture 59 How To Manage Meetings

Section 18: Phone Calls

Lecture 60 How To Schedule A Phone Call (Future)

Lecture 61 How To Log A Call (Past)

Lecture 62 How To Track A Live Call (Live)

Lecture 63 How To Manage Phone Calls

Section 19: Email

Lecture 64 How To Send Emails

Lecture 65 How To Mass Send Emails

Section 20: Reports

Lecture 66 What Are Reports?

Lecture 67 How To Use Reports

Lecture 68 How To Create A Report Schedule

Lecture 69 How To Create Reports

Section 21: Analytics

Lecture 70 What Is Analytics?

Lecture 71 How To Use & Edit Analytics

Section 22: Documents

Lecture 72 What Are Documents?

Lecture 73 How To Upload & Create Documents

Lecture 74 How To Access & Manage Documents

Lecture 75 How To Download & Share Documents

Section 23: Products

Lecture 76 What Are Products?

Lecture 77 How To Create A Product

Lecture 78 How To Manage Products

Section 24: Quotes

Lecture 79 What Are Quotes?

Lecture 80 How To Create A New Quote

Lecture 81 How To Send A Quote

Lecture 82 How To Manage & Convert Quotes

Section 25: Sales Orders

Lecture 83 What Are Sales Orders?

Lecture 84 How To Create A Sales Order

Lecture 85 How To Manage, Send & Convert Sales Orders

Section 26: Purchase Orders

Lecture 86 What Is A Purchase Order?

Lecture 87 How To Create A Purchase Order

Lecture 88 How To Manage Purchase Orders

Section 27: Invoices

Lecture 89 What Is An Invoice?

Lecture 90 How To Create A New Invoice

Lecture 91 How To Manage & Send Invoices

Section 28: Feeds

Lecture 92 What Are Feeds?

Lecture 93 How To Use Feeds

Lecture 94 Setting Auto Follow Rules & Preferences

Section 29: Campaigns

Lecture 95 What Are Campaigns?

Lecture 96 How To Create A New Campaign

Lecture 97 How To Manage Campaigns

Lecture 98 Adding Records To Campaigns

Section 30: Vendors

Lecture 99 What Are Vendors

Lecture 100 How To Create & Manage Vendors

Section 31: Price Books

Lecture 101 What Are Price Books?

Lecture 102 How To Create & Manage Price Books

Section 32: Cases

Lecture 103 What Are Cases?

Lecture 104 How To Create & Manage Cases

Section 33: Solutions

Lecture 105 What Are Solutions?

Lecture 106 How To Create A Solution

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Udemy | English | 5h 16m | 2.19 GB
Created by: Nick Boardman

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