Data Science Linear Regression with Python

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    Data Science Linear Regression with Python : Write 1st Machine Learning Code in 30 min

    Data Science Linear Regression with Python

    About This Class
    Learn the basics machine learning .

    Do the data visualizations using Pandas Library

    Implement the Simple Linear Regression Algorithm to Predict the sales of smartphone based on marketing spend

    Understand the actual statistics behind Linear Regression.

    Download the source code and execute in parallel with sessions.

    Data Science Linear Regression with Python

    Project Description

    Task1 (Youtube_ads): This task has to be performed alongwith lecture session to build the concept

    Predicting the Sales of Smartphone based on the marketing spend on Youtube.

    1. Download the csv file and upload in python console.

    2. Start executing codes along-with the lecture sessions

    * You can download the python file source code for reference.

    Pre-requisite :

    1. You should know basics of python programming

    2. There should be Anaconda installed in your system to write the python program.

    Task2 (Google_ads)

    1. From the datasets , do the visualizations ( bar plot , boxplot , density plot ) on Google_ads

    2. Apply the linear regression model on google_ads

    3. Compare the results of test data with result obtained in the Task1.

    4. Upload your findings on the platform for other students to get engage and discuss the working of linear regression

    Task3 (facebook_ads)

    1.Repeat the steps 1 , 2, 3, 4 for facebook_ad variable

    Finally provide your conclusions on smartphone sales wrt modes of marketing and why one variable is strong predictor then the other variables

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