Forecast Anything with Excel

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    Forecast Anything with Excel

    Forecast Anything with Excel

    Learn to create your own FORECASTS with just Microsoft Excel: trends, seasonalities, forecast intervals and more!

    What you’ll learn

    Keep your confidential data to yourself ═> Do your own FORECASTS!
    Create FORECASTS at confidence levels: 90%, 95%, 99% and more.
    Create Graphs showing your FORECASTS for your office Reports.
    BONUS: Excel’s SOLVER refresh and further reading.

    Forecast Anything with Excel


    1. Your data as Time Series (data that evolves through time).
    Examples of time series: monthly imports, weekly sales, daily website visits, hourly clicks, etc. You name it!
    2. The NEED to make your own FORECASTS in-office.
    3. You do NOT want to share Confidential Data => Keep it to YOURSELF!
    4. Excel 2016 or 365 versions


    +800 Worldwide Students enrolled

    +4.1 Average All-Time Rating!

    Some Student Reviews are:

    “Very good choice, I’m sure this will help me with my daily work.” (July 2018).

    “My new job requires me to perform forecasting.” (February 2018).

    “This course really helped me understand the methods available and how to determine which one to use for my forecast.” (January 2018).

    “The tutor has taken his time to explain the concept and advantage of forecasting” (January 2018).

    “Very good overview. Mauricio knows what he is talking about, and he presents the content in a very easy to understand way as well as in a direct way” (December 2017).

    More Student Reviews:

    “This is a great course by Mr Mauricio Maroto. It is logically structured and built through consistent formulae & examples.” (September 2017)

    “The instructor is clear concise and direct to the point . He deep dive and explained each section of the course thoroughly.” (October 2017)

    “Another excellent course, full of clarity, detailed and yet offer excellent insights into the subject.” (September 2017)

    “Good Course if you want to understand the various Exponential Smoothing methods of forecasting using excel…Thank you.” (June 2017)

    “The course is excellent and very practical. In addition, the instructor is excellent and attentive.

    Very recommended course for anyone who wants to learn forecasting.” (April 2017)

    “Overall it is great.” (April 2017)

    “Very insightful!” (March 2017)

    Hi. Thanks for showing interest in this course!

    With this course, you will learn how to FORECAST Anything with Excel. I’ll show you step-by-step instructions for creating statistical FORECASTS applied to any Time Series, and thus, estimating your own results.

    Many times, I found clients trying to FORECAST their own data but it’s a difficult task.

    And not only that, they don’t like to share their CONFIDENTIAL data to others!

    So, this course is the perfect answer for that.

    You will learn how to FORECAST your own data using state-of-the-art statistical methods, but explained in a friendly way.

    I will also upload the Excel spreadsheets, so you can FORECAST your own data IMMEDIATELY.

    With this course, you will also learn how to proficiently use Excel regarding variables, functions and graphs.

    In this course, we will cover:

    » Preliminary Analysis

    » Prepare Data for FORECASTS

    » Create and Estimate FORECASTS

    » Diagnose and Improve FORECASTS

    » Show Results and Graphs

    » Apply method to any other variable/data

    The only thing you’ll need for this course is your own data, which probably is confidential and don’t want to share with others. The course will show you the rest!

    You will also need a computer with Microsoft Excel 2016 installed (Home or Professional versions) or Microsoft Excel 365 version, because we will be using a few nice and easy new functions.

    The course shows you everything you need to know in order to FORECAST your own key variables/data for better decision-making.

    Some of the benefits of FORECASTS are:

    ✓ Learn and improve from the past

    ✓ Remain and/or increase competitiveness

    ✓ Increase value by mitigating risks of uncertainty

    ✓ Decrease unnecessary costs, high inventories and/or unbalances

    ✓ Face spike in sales and keep customers happy, and much more!

    As an added bonus, I will also leave all spreadsheets, so you can get to work and FORECAST immediately! You will get quick easy quizzes with detailed answers, so you can learn faster.

    In the end, you will be able to apply these methods in order to FORECAST any variable for your own purposes.

    Lastly, you can post questions or doubts, and I’ll answer to you personally.

    I hope you find this course as useful as I have creating it!

    I’ll see you inside,

    -M.A. Mauricio M.
    Who this course is for:

    Anyone that needs to FORECAST his/her confidential data for professional (or own) purposes.

    Course information :

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    Created by: Mauricio Maroto

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