Learn Cardiac Physiology


Learn Cardiac Physiology

Learn Cardiac Physiology

In this Course students will Learn Describe the characteristics of cardiac muscle and All about Cardiac physiology.

What you’ll learn
Cardiac physiology

Learn Cardiac Physiology

medical students
science students
physiology students


1)Describe the characteristics of cardiac muscle.

2)Enumerate the phases of cardiac action potential and the role of channels involved in it.

3)Enumerate the effect of serum calcium and potassium derangements on heart muscle.

4)Define cardiac output and method of calculating it.

5)Describe factors affecting cardiac output

6)Explain the various nervous mechanisms to maintain blood pressure (short term regulation)

7)Explain the cardiovascular regulatory center in the medulla.

8)Give a short account of long term regulation of blood pressure.

9)Enlist the functions of the circulatory system.

10)Describe the relationship between flow, pressure, and resistance.

11)Define blood pressure and its normal value.

12)Understand the mechanism of skeletal and respiratory pumps to increase venous return.

13) Types of shocks and their Pathophysiology

Who this course is for:

medical students who wants to learn Cardiac Physiology
students who wants to learn Physiology

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