Learn To Develop A Website Using WordPress

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    Learn To Develop A Website Using WordPress

    Build you own website as a complete beginner, or advanced web developer in 2022. No experience required.

    Learn To Develop A Website Using WordPress

    What you’ll learn

    Develop a fully functional portfolio website
    Learn to develop a website using WordPress
    Knowledge about choosing a right domain name, hosting provider and domain name registrant
    Learn about usage of templates and plugins for fast website development
    How to optimize SEO and rank higher in the Google Search
    Main features of WordPress
    Customization of themes using Elementor
    Make money as a freelance web developer



    No programming experience needed. You can enrol as a complete beginner.
    Working Windows or Mac computer
    Internet Connection


    Join our WordPress website creation course to learn how to develop websites using WordPress. You will follow a detailed course that explains everything necessary from purchasing a domain to configuring your own personal website.

    Main benefits of the course

    Lifetime knowledge of WordPress development, applicable to create any website

    More detailed and in-depth than free tutorials, with a complete process of website creation

    No previous development experience required

    What can I do as a Developer?

    As a WordPress developer you can either start to offer your services as a freelancer, looking for your own clients by yourself or find a job in existing company. There are many opportunities waiting for you, as people are always looking for a new websites.

    Your local restaurant, fitness studio, bar or any other business might just be waiting for you.

    Do I need any previous experience to complete the course?

    The WordPress course we offer is beginner-friendly, which means you need no prior experience with programming or website development.

    You also don’t need any previous education in the IT field, as we will cover all the necessary technical stuff in the course.

    IT is a fascinating field, where education isn’t as important as actual knowledge. If you can show your skills, than there is no need to have a fancy degree while not being able to perform as someone with actual knowledge.

    Creating a website with WordPress is free

    What’s best about WordPress is that it’s free for everyone. There is no initial investment or hidden subscription you need to pay in order to use WordPress.

    By using WordPress you also get access to all future updates, which are good to keep your site secure and modern. By using WordPress you can also use a lot of free content like WordPress templates or WordPress plugins, which can drastically simplify your development experience.

    Invest in yourself and start getting results back in just over a week. With our WordPress course you can get your investment in less than 1 paid hour after you start to work on your own. You can find a job as a remote WordPress developer and work from any location you want. Home, caffee or even beach.

    Who this course is for:

    Beginner to advanced people looking forward to learn how to create a Website or expand their knowledge about WordPress development
    People curious about building a website
    Those who want to make money by freelancing or working in a company

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