Learning Path Go Building Cloud Native Go Applications


Learning Path Go Building Cloud Native Go Applications

Unleash the power of Go Microservices to build blazing-fast scalable applications

What you’ll learn

Design and architect cloud native applications
Learn all about Go microservices
Containerize and orchestrate Go microservices using Docker and Kubernetes
Learn to use Consul for microservice discovery
Implement asynchronous communication in Go using RabbitMQ as well as Kafka

Learning Path Go Building Cloud Native Go Applications


Basic knowledge of the Go programming language.
Basic knowledge of web services and web programming would be beneficial.


Ever wanted to build massive, scalable, and performance-oriented cloud native applications that don’t crush under the demands of today’s customers? Well, look no further.

Embark on a journey like never before with Packt’s latest offering, Go: Building Cloud Native Go Applications

“Cloud native” has been the term du jour for quite some time now. As the world slowly moves towards the cloud, which promises lesser downtime, and more speed and efficiency, websites and applications that take full advantage of the capabilities of the cloud are dominating the world like never before, fast replacing monolithic web applications.

This Learning Path takes you on a journey to building fast, scalable cloud-based applications using Go, specifically, microservices in Go. We begin with learning about the basics of cloud-native applications. Then, we start learning about microservices, which form an integral part of applications that run on the cloud. We learn how to create simple microservices using the Go programming language. We then deploy our first application in the cloud using Kubernetes and Docker. Later, we cover topics such as service discovery and microservice communication in detail. Along the way, we will also be working with and learning to use a plethora of useful tools such as Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, Kafka, and Consul.

By the end of this Learning Path, you would have become skilled in creating seamless cloud-first applications and services using Go.

About The Author

Mario-Leander Reimer has been a chief technician at QAware since the beginning of 2014. He is responsible for the technical success of projects in the field of after sales for their customer BMW. He is a specialist in the design and implementation of complex system and software architectures based on open source technologies. As a member of the Java Community Process (JCP), his goal is to further improve the Java platform and to develop practical specifications. He is a speaker at international conferences and guest lecturer at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.

Who this course is for:

The target audience for this Learning Path primary includes Go developers interested in learning to leverage the effectiveness of the Go programming language to build world-class and highly performant cloud native applications.

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