Linux System Administration

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    Linux System Administration

    Linux System Administration

    Linux System Administration LiveLessonsprovides novice Linux users with more than five hours of step-by-step video training covering essential system administration responsibilities and skills with professional system administrator Ben Whaley.

    Linux System Administration

    The content comprises nine video lessons featuring command-line examples and conceptual discussion. The video tutorials offer practical advice for real world system administration, such as encouraging the use of shell shortcuts and automation to reduce tedious manual tasks and improve administrative efficiency.

    About the Instructor:

    Ben Whaleyis the co-author of the UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook, widely regarded as the de facto system administration text. He has been managing Linux systems since 1999 and is a Red Hat Certified Engineer. He currently uses Linux to power the Amazon Web Services infrastructure at Anki, a robotics and artificial intelligence company in San Francisco.

    Skill Level:

    Who Should Take This Course?

    Individuals seeking to learn more about the system administration discipline
    Individuals with some existing Linux command line experience looking to deepen their knowledge
    Users returning to Linux wishing to learn new tricks or refresh their skills

    What You Will Learn:

    How to use Vagrant and VirtualBox as a makeshift lab environment
    Linux’s history and background
    Shell shortcuts and basic bash scripting
    The Linux startup and shutdown procedures
    Management of user accounts
    The use of sudo to control access to privileged commands
    Interact with processes from the command line
    The filesystem layout
    File permissions and attributes
    Log file management with syslog and logrotate
    Linux on a TCP/IP network
    Network debugging with tcpdump and ping
    Using SSH for remote management
    The iptables host-based firewall
    How to secure a Linux system

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    Linux System Administration.

    Course Linux System Administration.

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