Microsoft Word 2019 for All Levels Job Guide

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    Microsoft Word 2019 for All Levels Job Guide

    Microsoft Word 2019 for All Levels Job Guide

    Comes with a unique quick start guide which you can finish in an hour! Everything after, leads to Mastery!

    What you’ll learn

    File Creation and Control
    Page Navigation
    Text Formatting and Layout
    Bullet Points and Customization
    Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Selection Tips
    Table Design and Customization
    Excel Data Importing
    Object Control and Design
    Spell Check and Thesaurus
    Printing Setup
    PDF Printing
    Page Layout Customizaion
    Header and Footer Setup
    Quick Access Toolbar for Efficiency
    Format Painting
    Shape Control
    Picture Styling
    Additional Formatting options
    Symbols and Equations
    Page Border Setup
    Design Quick Styling
    Document Protection
    Template Design
    Page Breaking
    Cover Pages
    Screenshot Features
    File Review
    BONUS: Thesis Writing
    BONUS: Business Proposal Writing
    BONUS: EndNote
    BONUS: Resume and Cover Letter
    BONUS: Applying for Jobs! Beating the Competition

    Microsoft Word 2019 for All Levels Job Guide


    Microsoft Word 2007 or later (All editions after 2007 were pretty much the same!)
    No prior Microsoft Word knowledge required



    LANI GOUVEIA – Jed Guinto is a fantastic instructor. He is knowledgeable, professional, and easy to understand. His instructions are in-depth and his sense of humour made it fun to learn

    MOHSIN NAQVI – The instructor, Jed, is very knowledgeable and engaging with a great sense of humour.

    SAKIB CHOWDHURY – The instructor made it so easy that it really fits the label of the course. Loved the course and really loved Jed. Expecting more like it.

    WILLIAM WODDALL – Some people are just gifted with the ability to teach.

    This is one of those people. Thank you! Money well spent!!

    DONNA-LISA VALENCIA – Very easy to follow along and love the calm and compassion of his voice.

    Yu Hui Jun Yu – The courses are simply amazing and I can learn them rapidly.

    The hints presented were also very useful. I like the ‘mini-lesson’ format.

    Fast and efficient.

    The instructor’s direction is very detailed and easy to understand. I can immediately start using this program. Thanks!

    Narayanan Krishnamoorthy – Perfect and to the point…the instructor doesn’t waste time and gets to the point quickly!!

    Lala Darchinova – I’ve been looking for this kind of course for ages and finally I’ve find it. Short, comprehensive and absolutely interesting! Thank you for the work you are doing.

    Spencer Berkman – Extremely knowledgeable and clear on instructions.

    E. Frank – Simple to learn techniques and instructor made it all really easy. Thank you!


    Highest Rated Microsoft Word Course on Udemy! Over 800 Reviews!

    Over 124,000 Students!

    Over 8,000 student reviews!

    Over 1,000 YouTube Subscribers!

    Students enrolled from over 200 countries!


    I’ll cut to the chase. If you’re reading this, it’s because you already know you need to learn this software.

    Be it for a new job, or you’re looking to up skill, or most importantly, you’re looking to impress a girl you just met!

    If it’s the last one, then you’re in the wrong place because I already tried that!

    In this course I’ll be teaching as much as I know about Microsoft Word.

    I’ll break down everything I’ve learned from over two decades of experience and share exactly how to do things. I’ll go at a brisk pace so you can follow along.

    All you need is the software and you can come join the journey with me!

    That’s it! Maybe bring a donuts in case we need to carbo-load!


    Now I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of Microsoft Word courses on Udemy and online.

    So how is this one different? Well, I’ve taken a lot of those courses as I’m constantly trying to up skill and learn something new.

    What bothers me about these courses is that after 5 hours, I can finally have all the core functions to get started.

    Let’s be real. Not all of us have 5 hours to spend in order to just use the software.

    I’m an impatient guy and I need to learn things quickly.

    Therefore, I’ve designed this course as such. The first hour or so of the course is a quick start guide.

    I’ll touch on the core functions ONLY so that after the first section, you can literally go to work and start creating documents. I don’t want you to have to wait till the end.

    However, if you want to get to Mastery, I will also have for you a comprehensive Intermediate and Expert section for you to soak up.

    The idea being, these are supplementary training videos which will build on the core functions and truly make you a master. I’ll be honest, I don’t know everything.

    But what I do know I’ll share.


    Another defining factor about this course is the BONUS sections.

    Most other courses teach you functions whereas this course will teach you application.

    It will demonstrate to you how to take what you’ve learned and create and control a Thesis document, a Journal Paper, a Business Proposal, Resumes, Cover Letters and more.

    Most importantly, as someone who has interviewed for jobs and has interviewed others for jobs, I’ll also teach you the process of job hunting and how to increase your chances of getting job.

    I’ll share what interviewers look for in candidate and how you can use Microsoft Word to help you get there.

    Principles themselves are quite simple yet 90% of people don’t do it.

    Which is why you’ll end up with the job and not them!

    Who this course is for:

    The first section is for students who’ve never touched or used Excel before
    If you’re intermediate or expert and want to freshen up on the fundamentals, no problem, come on in!!

    Course information :

    BestSeller | h264, yuv420p, 1920×1080 | ENGLISH, aac, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, s1 | 3h 44 mn | 2.1 GB
    Instructor: Jay Quinto

    Course Link :

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