Photoshop Foundations The Basics

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    Photoshop Foundations The Basics

    Photoshop Foundations The Basics

    We are going back to the basics in this course! Whether you are a seasoned veteran in Photoshop or a beginner, the basics are important. Having a strong foundation of the inner workings of Photoshop will not only speed up your workflow, it will keep you from forming bad habits in the editing process.

    Let’s face it, most people just want to dive right into Photoshop and learn magic tricks. But I can assure you, those magic tricks will only take you so far if the habits you are forming in the process are bad. In this course, we are going to go back to the basics and build a strong foundation from the ground up. You will be shocked by how much you don’t know about the most important aspects of Photoshop.

    Photoshop Foundations The Basics

    You will learn:

    How to navigate Photoshops Menus, Toolbars, and Preferences
    How to build your own custom workspace for efficiency and speed.
    The difference between Image Size and Canvas Size
    The three different layer types
    The attributes of layers
    How to organize your layers in big composites
    How and why to merge layers
    All about the various file types and when to use them.

    Included in this course:

    131 Minutes of formal education and practical application for understanding the inner workings of Photoshop to become more proficient.
    All follow along images and course resource material.
    Programs Required:
    Adobe Photoshop© CC: Not included in the purchase of the course. Some features outlined in this course may not be available in CS6 or CS5

    Course information :

    f64elite Academy
    Duration: 2h 11m | PSD Files | Video: 1920×1080, 48kHz | 793 MB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

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