Select and Manage Construction Contractors

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    Select and Manage Construction Contractors

    Select and Manage Construction Contractors

    Learn how to select and manage and supervise building and construction subcontractors with confidence

    What you’ll learn

    manage the determination of subcontractor requirements
    review of subcontractor performance
    establish terms and conditions for subcontractor engagement
    manage the selection and engagement of subcontractors
    Evaluate subcontractor performance
    Compliance with contract requirements

    Select and Manage Construction Contractors


    basic understanding of the construction industry


    This course addresses the competencies, required skills and knowledge to select and manage building and construction contractors. The effective management of contractors/subcontractors is critical to a projects success and failure to plan and manage subcontractors work can have significant financial and legal consequences.

    This unit of competency supports the needs of builders and senior managers within building and construction firms and other construction industry personnel with selecting and managing responsibilities.

    The course is made up of a number of instructional videos that include a voice recording of the course notes, rolling text of the key points, numerous images related to the topic content and animation. This delivery method has been developed to provide a more appealing learning experience. The length of the video lectures is also ideal, allowing participants to work at their own pace.

    There are various stop points in each video and these direct a participant to activities to complete, relevant attachments, examples and extra resources. The activities are matched to the course content where they are most relevant. These provide tasks which are closely related to many of the activities when selecting and managing contractors.

    There are also numerous quizzes provided as you progress through the course material. These are useful as a review opportunity and also helpful in self-assessment.

    This course is expected to take a participant approximately 20 hours to complete the course work.

    If you would like to be assessed for this unit of competency, please visit our website for more information.Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate of attainment.
    Who this course is for:

    site managers, project managers, contract managers, builders, business owners, foreman

    Course information :

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    Language: English | VTT | Size: 730 MB | Duration: 2.5 hours

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    Select and Manage Construction Contractors.

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    Course Select and Manage Construction Contractors.

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