Software QA Testing The Complete Course

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    Software QA Testing The Complete Course

    Software QA Testing The Complete Course

    QA Concepts, Processes, Standards, and Best Practices

    What you’ll learn

    Section 1 Testing Types –

    Common types of testing that you are likely to encounter as a software tester will be discussed.

    After the course you will be able to determine why each type of testing is performed.

    You will also know when, and how to carry out each of them.

    Section 2 Testing Cycles –

    You will learn about different levels of testing to help you understand where the QA tester fits in within the whole testing cycle
    Section 3 Development approach –

    Two main approaches within the software development life cycle will be discussed.

    This will equip you with knowledge about your role as a QA tester for whichever development approach your organisation adopts.

    Section 4 Testing Process –

    This is the main section of this course. We will discuss in detail the activities of the QA tester during and immediately after the QA testing cycle
    Section 5 Testing Controls and Standards –

    We will discuss the common types of controls and standards that software documentation are expected to follow. You will likely encounter these processes, and are expected to adhere to them as a tester
    Section 6 Test Automation –

    As a tester you are expected to be familiar with test automation.

    You will learn about this aspect of testing which is becoming increasingly popular
    Section 7 Testing Skills and Qualifications –

    You will learn about the qualifications you need to gain an edge over others when looking for a job as a QA tester, or become a strong tester if you are already in the business

    Software QA Testing The Complete Course


    Minimum of a good secondary school qualification is recommended
    Age is not an issue


    You will learn about types of testing which incorporates the basic concepts in QA testing.

    Testing cycles and development approach used in the IT world will be discussed.

    These earlier lectures will help you follow the teaching on the main activities that a QA tester performs.

    The Testing Process is the focal point of this course.

    That section is followed by modules on testing standards and controls that need to be followed in the course of testing as well as the testing tools commonly used by testers to complete their assignments.

    Testing automation is also covered to give you an insight into this skill which is increasingly becoming a must have for QA testers.

    The course will wrap up with discussion on certification that testers or potential testers will be expected to acquire as part of their personal development.

    Who this course is for:

    New or would-be testers who want to gain more practical knowledge about QA testing
    Test leads and managers can gain insight on test management perspectives
    Developers can avail of the tutorials provided in this course to fine tune their testing skills
    Companies who want to upskill their staff as QA testers or engineers

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