The Complete 2019 Fullstack Web Developer Course

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    The Complete 2019 Fullstack Web Developer Course

    The Complete 2019 Fullstack Web Developer Course

    Learn HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Ajax & MySQL from scratch! Build a login system at the end!

    What you’ll learn

    Learn HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JS, jQuery, Raw Ajax, PHP and MySQL all from scratch
    Get a free 180 page CSS3 eBook
    Create a Login/Registration/Members-Only website from Scratch
    Learn JavaScript from scratch
    Learn how to use jQuery
    Learn how to Ajax works and how to use it
    Learn PHP for server code execution
    Learn MySQL for saving data (databases)
    Build a Login/Registration/Members-only website, just like Facebook
    Get a job as a junior backend web developer
    Get a job as a junior frontend web developer
    Learn the LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL

    The Complete 2019 Fullstack Web Developer Course


    Must be willing to learn.
    Must be able to put in 5 minutes per day (that’s all it takes!)
    Must have a computer, editor and browser (I’ll help you get setup with those)


    *** The first “Complete Web Developer Course” on Udemy!! See why other teachers used the same course name! ***

    You’re probably on this page because you want to learn web development. Not just one little piece, but ALL of it.

    Or maybe you’re coding already but you want to make BETTER websites?

    I was in your shoes once and THIS is the course I WISH I HAD.

    Welcome to The Complete Fullstack Web Developer Course

    This was the first “Complete Web Development” course on Udemy. It’s extremely comprehensive and I explain EVERYTHING you need to know, step by step. There’s a reason why there are so many “Complete Web Development” courses on Udemy today — they took what worked and made spin off courses.

    And that’s OK. But only in this course will you learn the real reason behind those spinoffs. Nothing is as great as the original!

    This course was designed for the beginner developer, the juniors in the world. It was made for the people who have GREAT ideas but don’t know how to make turn them into REAL websites.

    Whether you’re the next Mark Zuckerberg just waiting to happen or you’re an entrepreneur or innovator, this course will teach you everything you need to know.

    I’ve left no stone unturned. You really learn it ALL.

    In one course, in one place you can learn it all. Whether that’s on your phone, tablet, TV or computer.. you can learn anywhere!

    What people have said:

    “This course has everything, it is very very interactive. If you have always wanted to build an online project, this is the perfect course for you. Thanks Mr. Kalob.” -Adebanjo Adesuyi

    “Outstanding. I have a number of HTML courses and this one is by far the best. Clear explanations, and in depth (The course is over 18 hours!). Kalob is a talented instructor.” -Brad Gonsalves

    Over 42,000 students have taken this course. I repeat, FORTY-TWO THOUSAND STUDENTS! Last time I checked, 42,000 people weren’t wrong.

    Don’t be the one to get left behind!

    Get started today and join the thousands of students who have taken my course and changed their lives by: making more money, making better websites, building their dream website and completely changed industries (became web developers!)

    Not sure if this course is for you? Try it out and if you don’t like it within the first 30 days, simple request a refund. No questions asked, and you get to keep anything you’ve learned along the way, too!

    Are you ready to open your world and become an in-demand full-stack web developer?

    Here’s what you’ll get when you take this course:

    • Learn HTML, CSS and JavaSript. That’s everything you need to know to become a front end web developer.

    • Learn jQuery amd Ajax to create cross-browser and in-page responsnive websites!

    • Learn PHP and MySQL, a backend stack that allowed Mark Zuckerberg to create Facebook!!

    • Put it all together at the end to create a full Login/Registration system with member-only pages (exactly what Facebook did!)

    Here is what else you’ll get:

    • Access to a friendly and supportive web developer community where you can talk to me directly, and ask your fellow developers questions about problems that they may have faced already

    • 19 hours on-demand video

    • 5 Articles

    • 6 Supplemental Resources

    • Full lifetime access

    • Access on mobile and TV

    • Certificate of Completion

    Over 14 chapters you will learn:

    • HTML Basics, Advanced and HTML5

    • CSS Basics, Advanced and CSS3

    • JavaScript Basics and Advanced concepts
    • jQuery, because almost every website on the planet uses jQuery

    • Ajax for creating interactive pages that talk to your server without reloading the page

    • PHP to execute server code; includes the Basics and Advanced

    • MySQL to save data (databases)

    • How to build a full login/logout/registration/members-only website

    Taught by

    Hello! I’m Kalob. I’ve been developing websites since before JavaScript was popular (that’s a long time ago).

    I’m ultra passionate about education and sharing my knowledge with people like you. I love it so much I’ve started creating MORE courses and I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to free coaching and building e-learning platforms.

    You wouldn’t believe the FREEDOM I’ve had since I officially change careers and started making websites, professionally. I’ve lived in Ireland, helped build companies and travelled the world. And guess what? Everywhere I go I can work, because all I need is a laptop.

    And I want that for you! Wouldn’t it be nice to travel the world and not have to worry about paying your bills? Professional web developers can do that.

    Oh, and here’s the best part. There are TOO MANY web development jobs, and not enough web developers.

    So click the green “Buy Now” button and fast track your career to FREEDOM.

    Who this course is for:

    Anyone who wants to learn to code
    Anyone who wants to generate new income streams
    Anyone who wants to build websites
    Anyone who wants to become financially independent
    Anyone who wants to start their own business or become a freelancer
    Anyone who wants to change careers and get into web development
    Anyone who wants more FREEDOM in their life
    Developers who want to create BETTER websites
    People who want to learn the LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL

    Course information :

    This course includes

    21 hours on-demand video
    2 articles
    14 downloadable resources

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