The Fundamentals of Linux Administration


The Fundamentals of Linux Administration

The Fundamentals of Linux Administration

Beginners Guide for Complete Mastery over the Linux Administration, Operating System & Bash Shell Scripting & Automation

What you’ll learn

Understand the origin of Linux Operating System and what features of Linux makes it a powerful and highly secure OS
Intorduction to Linux Command Line and know each basic detail of the Terminal window
Working with Command Line and trying Few Basic Commands
Understanding and working with Linux Manual Pages
Advanced Concepts of Linux OS – Redirection, Piping, Aliases
Know each and every required detail about Linux Shell
Know how Linux Commands are Structured
Understand concepts of Standard Input/Output/Error and Command Line Arguments
Understand everything about the Linux File System
Learn Creating/Deleting/Copying/Moving/Renaming/Editing/Finding Files and Directories
Understand Concepts like Sorting Data, Archiving and Compressing Files using various Compression Algorithms
Learn Bash Shell Scripting in great detail
Easy ways to Task Automation and Scheduling important Programs (Eg. Taking Backups Automatically)
Access Linux Software Repository and play around with the Source Code of Linux Commands
Edit Source Codes and Packages to create your own Linux Command
Use Advanced Package Tools Utilities to Search, Install/Uninstall Packages and Softwares

The Fundamentals of Linux Administration


A laptop or Desktop with Linux OS is recommended for better understanding


Welcome to the course The Fundamentals of Linux Administration where you are going to develop mastery over the Linux command line with a very practical ways of learning.

This course has been designed to ensure that you will be able to continuously improve your Linux skills, develop your in-depth knowledge about Linux Operating System thereby giving a platform to your career progression with NO unnecessary wasting of time and useless data being taught in this course.

Who this course is for:

Students curious about Linux Operating System
Professionals working in IT Sector
Computer Science and IT Students
Aspirants of “Complete Linux Administration” course
Person using Linux OS

Course information :

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