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    Write SQL in R and Python Best of 3 world

    Write SQL in R and Python Best of 3 world

    Start using SQL queries in R and Python

    Integrate R and Python with Database and execute SQL command on them for data analysis and Visualizations.

    Start using filter , having clause , joins with multiple tables ,aggregators etc.

    Create DDL commands and modify the schema objects.

    Write SQL in R and Python Best of 3 world

    Project Description

    Task 1 .

    1.Upload the market fact data csv file into Python console using Jupyter lab.

    2.Do the data analysis using SQL queries to find out the following:

    2.1) Find the sales data for each sub-category

    2.2) Find which customer segment is most profitable

    2.3) Do the data visualiazations for Sales data ( plot box plot for each prod category )

    2.4) Do the visualiazations for Profit Data vs Sales ( plot scatter plot )

    2.5) Post you conclusions in the community.

    Task 2.

    1.Connect Python with MySQL database

    2.Fetch the data of employee and department in python

    3.Write SQL queries to join employee and department and find the no. of employees by each department

    4. Create a table in python console and post in MySQL database

    5. Insert a record in the table created in step 4.

    Task 3 :

    Repeat the task 1 in R programming.

    Task 4 :

    Repeat the task2 in R programming

    Post conclusion of data analysis and visualizations from Task1 and Task3 in the community


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